I Need Help .......FAST

It’s the 2nd week of October and my outdoor girls haven’t turned yet??? Have had to cover to protect from frost a couple times now! Is this normal or not? I’ll take any and ALL answers!!!


Haven’t turned yet, you mean Started to flower?

Do you have any lights around the house that could interrupt the flower cycle ?

No sir @Dave101. No, they flowered just fine and have some monster buds on’em but the Trichomes aren’t getting milky??? I’m gonna let’em go as long as I can weather wise and if they haven’t turned I’ll chop’em down and take them for what they’re worth! Its so dark out back I can’t even see my plants from the kitchen window 20 yards away. I just don’t get it, I figured mother nature would do her thing and be done with it.


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Is your plant a sativa, or indica ? Sativas usually have a longer flower cycle

If your comfortable posting pictures I’d like to see your plant.

I harvest four plants already, but my jack herer still looks like this, she might not make it

I’d opt for heating during the frosty hours instead of chopping chronically premature. I’ve kept my hydroponic tomatoes from freezing with a sprinkler on water timer, I’ve heated my plants before using propane, it was well worth the cost and effort! Plantiphilia is a horrible crime!


If I remember I’ll get a couple pics tomorrow @Dave101. 1 of’em is a AK-47 and the other is a bag seed? The bag seed plant looks to me like it should have been done long ago? The AK-47 may not make it either. I’m not set up for heat and really don’t have the funds to do so. I’m on a fixed income.(retired)


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@Covertgrower @dbrn32 we got a toxic shiz talker you know the drill

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The frost hit are area quite harf and fast. These two small oil heaters seamed to help alot.