I Need help diagnosing

I’m growing Pineapple Haze outdoors in pots with potting soil. I’ve used some nutrients through the

grow and have sprayed a couple of times with Nuke 'Em The buds look odd - smallish and sparser than other plants. Pistils look dried or is it normal browning?. I’ve been picking some caterpillars off. Do they cause this damage… is it damage. Could be Spider mites…? I think the trichomes look ready, so I may just harvest. I’m just wanting to know what others can see in these photos… Thanks. The forum is a big help. There’s alot of stress in worrying about pests and mold…


Caterpillars definitely cause havoc.


When I first noticed a little leaf damage, it wasn’t until I started digging that I saw the damage to the buds. It was almost like bud rot , brownish. I dug into them and removed all the pests and was forced to harvest early.

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Nukem and many other sprays can be really harsh. I found a few things fried my pistils in flower. maybe knock the strength down a bit, try not to soak your buds, make sure you do it at sundown so it’s not exacerbated by sunlight.

spider mites would show more damage in your leaves- not seeing that from these particular photos.

it’s a sativa, it’s probably growing on its own schedule and slower than it’s sisters. to me it just looks like it has a ways to go. when did flower start?

They can destroy an entire plant. Certainly ruin your crop. If you have caterpillars it’s a fair bet you have other pests like mites or aphids.

Plant looks to be only 3 or 4 weeks into flower which means you’ve got a month or more.

If you used something not specifically for cannabis, that could cause small flower production.

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Thanks for your help. I sprayed after dark, but since I was trying to protect the buds I probably gave them too much. That could be the bud burn I hear about. I think it’s been flowering for 5-6 weeks, so I will wait on this one. Info says it flowers for 12 weeks. I got a late start, so my plants are not as big as they should be. Trichomes see cloudy to me…

Interesting you say it’s Sativa cuz the other three plants I have look different and I think they’re Indica. Short and squat versus tall and stringier. What I bought was a hybrid. Hybrids must have to grow characteristically like one of the strains of the hybrid.

 Thanks for your help.  I did use regular potting soil with some other dirt... a custom blend you might say.  I'll know better next time.  I got a late start so plants are small, plus only a 5 gallon pot.  Seemed big at the time.  I'll keep picking caterpillars.  Today there was a freelance lady bug on one plant.  Sweet.

 I think it's 5 weeks into flower.  Supposed to take 12 according to the owner's manual...  Trichomes  look ready to me. I 'm going to wait a  little longer.  Another plant has been flowering 3-4 weeks longer... with a big cola.

All of the Haze strains are sativa-dominant. That’s not to say a hybrid won’t express indica traits. That’s just the nature of growing from seed.

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After trying some of the newly harvested I see why the caterpillars were moving so slow.

We were comparing what I would call a little bit immature plant and one that I had thought was mature. Started on the immature. Nothing Earth shaking. After cutting some off the mature and trying it. That one made us feel like everything shifted into a higher gear. It felt like turbo kicking in a car.

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