I need help. Calcium problem?

Hi new grower here
I have a 3 week old ak47 auto growing on ffof soil distilled water and only used once a mixture on photosynthesis plus and nourish L from microbe life (about 10 oz of water w nutes) about a week ago.but I’ve been having this problem 2 weeks ago
Is this a calcium deficiency? How can I fix this?


If they’re not busy @garrigan62 and @Paranorman are good at diagnosing problems. The new mentor @Aquaponic_Dumme is also extremely knowledgeable when it comes to diagnosing.

is the problem limited to just that area you show in the picture?


Please fill out a support ticket. This helps members and staff diagnose issues. There’s a plethora of things it could be, and not necessarily calcium. All the members here love to help with these, so have no fear, we’ll work out the problem together. :slight_smile:

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Maybe nute splash burn ?

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that’s what I was thinking

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I didn’t even had nutrient around when it started…started on the bottom leaves and its been creeping up slowly

Is there a fan blowing on that side?
The bottom pic looks like rubbing

Hi yes…I have 2 fans blowing and a blower exchanging the air ( I have 2 plants going) same age, same routine, soil, etc and the other one is doing much better.
The spots are pretty much all around the plant and its been slowly creeping up to the top
Edit: no rubbing

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