I need an update lots of rain coming

Good afternoon guys and girls new grow it here upstate New York lots and lots of rain come in my way my plants are outside I am not sure what week of flower I am in I am sending you some pics so you can review and advise as always I appreciate your time and help with us let me know what you think I’m a plant thanks again


I’m in mass I’m in the same boat as you. I’m more worried about the wind. Good luck


I’m in Jersey same boat
Worried about the wind for the most part also don’t want my buds getting wet

This ain’t gonna work in the wind hahaha

I’m about 2 miles inland from the coast too

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Your plant looks great, I’d find a place to shelter it if you can. And I might advise you proof read your post. Very hard to understand. Maybe English isn’t your first language?

Very nice plants ! You still have four or five weeks to go.

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When should i cover these beast ? Put them out in may , hope u can harvest befor the rain comes.


Upstate NY also. Moved mine inside for the next 2 days.

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Ny too. Mine are in the ground. Im letting them do whatever they want. Mainly cuz a trooper helicopter flew low n slow over the grow. Didnt hover but was going over right where they were planted and I hope they didn’t see them lol. I wont be going down for a while. Probably not until September


Thanks for the heads up! I’m gonna ride it out outside, the current track looks ok for my location, altho if it dips west at all im gonna be screwed.

But just incase, its a good thing I just had practice getting the plants out of the garden carefully for an insurance inspection! :sweat_smile:

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Plant looks great ! That far along in flower I’d try to move it inside if possible I know that’s what I’m doing to the ones in pots. Understood your post just fine pay no mind to grammar nazis. Happy growing!

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Pull them close to the house and tarp them til rain stops use big heavy rocks/bricks to hold tarp leave gaps by the house so it gets air flow thru. Mcgyver a concoction up to save them babies. Lol


Hahaha I’m hoping it comes through over night
So I can garage them and keep everyone out of the garage so the lights don’t get turned on …

However I’m really against them being out of their regular environment so I may just try Mcgyvering lol

do you think i can cover with plastic draped over it ?thanks i already know my spelling sucks thanks for understinding !

If you can’t move them I would attempt something …
But be careful because if you don’t really keep it strong to protect your plants …it may wind up helping take them out

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Like the other guys said I’d at least get close to the house and make sure whatever you use doesn’t take out the plant. Good luck !

This was what I was thinking, if you tarp it make sure the tarp is supported by something other than the plant

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