I need advice On how to start a green house


I am just starting my greenhouse and it’s my first attempt, not really sure on what I need to get started…


Well is the greenhouse constructed? Do you have any supplies? There is a lot of stuff you could use but to get started water, seed or clone and growing medium. I suggest fabric pots. I assuming you will not need lights. Ph meter to ph water to correct range. There is plenty more but this should get you going.


@Mrpostman @Smokin_ernie has asked some good questions
Are you build the green house or just trying ti set up the actual grow?


Not constructed one yet just got a space . Yet to find a supplier where in my area, it’s not common for people to have greenhouses here so might have to construct one from scratch , I was going to use the soil directly but fabric pot is a good idea . Already got the ph metre and ec kit . Okay thanks you have been helpful @Smokin_ernie


I am trying to set up an grow . Already got an indoor one going, but have always wanted to build a green house to grow with .


Very cool @Mrpostman
I bought a couple cheap green houses last year and will be using them agian
Here they are i plan on getting better ventilation going this year
The area i have them located on my property has no power access so i plan on setting up a solar panel system to power a exhaust fan and circulation fans
I lost most of my grow to bud rot last season but it was a unusual humid fall

Id like to put up a glass green house but $$$ prevents that haha


Wow! that’s nice that a nice setup, what’s material is that ?
Well I plan to use tapoline fabric for the roof because it rains heavily here in may till October but for ventilation I intend to use greenhouse net and also put up a few oscillating fans .


Nice bro yeah fans are a must
And thanks @Mrpostman its a heavy plastic reinforced
My situation is the power factor
Im not in a friendly state so i need to jeep everything on back of my property where its private so solar is my only option cant run extension cords all the way back lol
Nice ll love ok for a link and post it for the info


The cheapest way is a pvc structure covered in thick clear plastic


This lil unit has been just great!! On my second grow using the greenhouse. It was 300 usd out the door but worth every penny. I was gonna do a hoop house from pvc and plastic but got 5 dogs and one of loves cannabis and needed something to keep her out and plastic just was not gonna do it.



that is a nice little unit @Growit outta likes!


@Growit nice hiw tall is that unit
Mine are 8 foot at peak


6’6” tall I wish it was 8’


Hey @Mrpostman one thing to consider is temperature. It gets HOT in these things.
Day time temps are 100*f plus.
So depending on what your temps are like through out the year you may want to give that some consideration. Or maybe the plastic wrap with a cold frame runs cooler not sure. But on the first grow I started in September ‘17 and just finished harvesting amd had to run 2 fans 24hrs a day for temp control and circulation. Another thing to consider is lighting. If your days are shorter than 12 hrs of sunlight you may need to get some lights going as once my days got shorter even though they were autoflowers I wanted to supplement sunlight to get the best yield possible. Hope this helps


Thats why i bought mine cause of the peak hieght :+1: