I need advice my bottom leaves are crispy and yellow

Do I need nutrition for my plants or are those fertilizer all I need

The Fox Farm stuff is the nutrition.

The soil or the fertilizer and by the way do you think my plant will still grow because I’m texting this girl on fb and she has some nice weed plants and she said my plant isn’t good no more is that true or not

It can recover, assuming it is a photoperiod plant. If it is an autoflower, it may not. The soil has some nutrients in it. You shouldn’t need to start on the bottled nutrients for about 3 weeks.

I really don’t know what plant it is

How can I tell what plant is it

If you don’t know the seed source, you can’t.

Ugh wow

Do you think my plant is doing better?

Do you think my plant is doing better or no

Really hard to tell much with the colors from your light, but looks basically ok from what i can see.

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Oh my bad bud the ends of the leaves are turning yellow and I cut those lil tony pieces off the pieces that were turning yellow

There’s a picture on the top

need help 2 weeks in my Jack Herer auto started out amazing now yellow drooping leaves and brown spots. Oh has been consistent between 5.8 - 6.3 ppm 920 EC 1.8. 24 hours ago we added General Hydroponic floraMicro because thought nitrogen def. and Cal-Mag because thought Calcium def. and no change. Can any one help?

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First welcome to the community! I don’t grow hydro, but I’ll tag a couple of folks for you…

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Thanks for the tag brother Newt! A lot of times it goes unsaid but I appreciate all you do and the love you share on my journal!

@James12345 welcome to the group. I really don’t see anything alarming with your plant. The droop can be either water level too high (very common) or they are about to go to sleep or just woke up. They will droop at bed time and when they wake up. Even messing with them will make them droop. I would suspect water level. Water level needs to be about 1.5”-2@ below the netpot. It’s not uncommon for lower leaves to turn like that.

If you can create a journal and fill out a support ticket, there are a ton of folks here that are more than willing to help. If you need help creating one, there are folks here that can do that also.

Trim that bottom leave off. Drop the water level some and keep’em growin! Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Can you see it better now

Looks OK. So far so good.

Do you think it’s still growing btw the tips of the leaves were turning yellow

If you still have green, it is still growing. Here’s an excellent place to start reading in order to understand how to grow cannabis: