I need advice my bottom leaves are crispy and yellow

A few of these items have upgraded because they didn’t do a good job. You also need a couple fans and an exhaust fan. humidifier and or dehumidifier depending on your area. Air conditioner. If u can transplant into a fabric pot 3 gal, it may work better. Be sure to put plant up on rack or riser so she not sitting on floor.

OK… Starting from the floor and working up to the light, this would be the minimum that might get you all the way to harvest.

You will need something to catch the runoff water:

You will need a bigger planter I recommend 3 gallon minimum:


Nutrients (many others will work just as well):

Minimum FF:

Best Fox Farm:


Might do one plant start to finish:


None of this takes into account your growing space. And assumes you have some other way to manage and maintain desired temperatures and humidity. This also doesn’t take into account pH and TDS meters.

Good luck!

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Do I need to get both of those fox farms fertilizer or only one ? Because one is 100 and one is 39

Do I need to get both of fox farm fertilizer cause one is $101 and the other is $39

And will I get help using all this stuff

The Trio is the base set of nutes, and if your budget is very tight, the trio should get you through.

The feed schedule is already posted above.

https://www.amazon.com/Farm-Plant-Fertilizer-Soil-Bundle/dp/B09ZG374C8?tag=ilovegrowingm-20 So I can just get this one that’s $39 instead of the $101 right or do I have to get both

The 101 option has 12 things, 3 of those are the trio. Get one or the other. The more expensive one is more complete.

Do you think you can send me the measurements

Can you send me the measurements?

The measurements of what?

Of like the fertilizer the fox farm because I don’t know how to use this stuff

Welcome to the community! You have great advice from @Newt! As stated, that Miracle Grow is more of a miss than a hit. Time released nutes can complicate feeding and watering. As far as other soils, lights and accessories, newt has you covered.

Good luck and happy growing!! This forum has all the knowledge you need!!! Great growers with loads of info!

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It’s all right here above:

Oh ok so I can just get the trio right ima double asking cause i don’t want my plant to die will I need this IVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo, 0.05ph High Or no

You can get by with the trio. But my recommendation is the Dirty Dozen.

Yes you will need a pH and TDS meter. The cheap ones are cheap for a reason, but they should get you through. You will also need some pH Up and pH down adjusters.

Ok is that all I need for sure or is there something else

Frankly, there is a lot more that you should have. Tent, exhaust, fans, environmental monitors, etc.

But this should get you going.

Ok thank you

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I had a question do I need to use nutritions for my weed plant or those fertilizers are ok?