I need advice my bottom leaves are crispy and yellow

Give me some advice I need anwsers :smile:

Just 2 observations:

It’s normal for lower leaves to yellow and fall off as a plant matures.

Your plant is begging for light. What are you using to light the plant?


Juhefa Plant Grow Light, Full Spectrum Dual-Head 60 LED Clip-on Plant Lamp for Indoor Plants Seedlings Succulents,3 Modes & 5-Level Dimmable,Auto On/Off Timer 4H/8H/12H This is the type of light I use

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Have you looked under leaves for bugs? What are the white spots on the leaves?

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No there not bugs it’s the soil is cause when I spray them the soil sprays everywhere

But do u got any advice

Do you have instagram or social media so you can probably give me advice :slight_smile:

Don’t spray your plants. the first set of leaves are usually a bit wonky. Your lady is reaching for light. I think you need a light that will get you to harvest. But first we need to know a few things…

Thanks. You will get a lot of help here. These girls are strong.


I really don’t know the strain or anything about the weed plant but because I got it off someone and they didn’t tell me but what type of light should I get and I can’t answer these questions because I’m a begginer that’s why I’m asking for advice

What type of light should I get tho and sorry I only had 8 replies but it has to be a low budget light :slight_smile: lmk a good low budget light

Do you got any social media because on here I can only get some replies

Take a better picture of whole plant what is your watering ph going in and what is water ph coming out how old is your plant and for 1 plant to harvest you need a minimum of 150 true watts per plant a could cheap one is a spider farm look for something dimmable


This is the same person btw it looks like this and I really don’t know nothing I’m a begginer like I said

Get a light on Amazon. gonna cost a couple hundred bucks if you want it to grow to harvest, which is usually the end goal. Before u buy one check back here so u don’t get 1 thats no good.

Can you tell me the name of it

Lmk the name of the light pls

Let me call on a few people to help. they are better with lights than me. @dbrn32 @Newt @MidwestGuy

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Ok will you give me your Snapchat or instagram or something but are they gonna text you or me

Can you give me your Instagram so we can keep in touch or your Snapchat and will they be texting me?

I have neither of those. but they will come on here to help. There is so much that you will need. What soil? could u answer the questions in the above support ticket. Newt is here now


Certainly need some more information to answer any questions.

What size space are you growing in?

How may hours of light per day?

What kind of soil is it in?

Let’s start with those.


You don’t got any social media or ? Btw I don’t know nothing about it because I’m a beginner like I said