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Hello i have a few plants that are three weeks old auto’s I have asked around but very unclear as to how much nutrients I should apply to the water I’m giving them they are in rapid rooter plugs that are now in 4 inch pre soaked rockwool with roots busting our the bottoms I’m waiting on dwc to arrive and I’ve also noticed so roots drying up I’d assume because the water in the bottom evaporates pretty fast I assume again or they flood them selfs what is best solution any input is appreciated



It a little overwhelming when you start, but soon you’ll be teaching hydro to all your friends.

Three weeks from cracked seed is still pretty young, so your not in any danger of losing them. I personally would wait until your system is shipped in before starting to feed, and if you’re seeing roots, hopefully that will be soon.

There are different styles of nutrient formulas and feeding schedules you can choose from, and when in doubt, follow the instructions on the bottles.

Do you have any testing equipment, like a pH or TDS meter?


could you place the rockwool on a layer of clay pebbles and have that sitting in water to keep the exposed roots moist?


You might even want to think about DIYing your own DWC until your equipment gets in.

I see you have some flood trays in your other posts. Simply put more water than normal, to flood the tray, but use an airstone&fishtank bubbler, so the plants don’t drown.


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Thx I love bleach and thank you every one for the great advice


is the water to high lol I am not sure


Water needs to be high enough to reach the roots. I normally keep it slightly higher than the net pot’s bottom, so the media is just touching the water.


does this seem far enough down in the pot


As long as the rockwool is wicking water, you’ll be fine, but…

I’m not so sure that much rockwool is a good idea. I think you’re asking for stem rot problems. You might have to lower your water, after the roots grow, to keep the water from getting to the rockwool. You can bury the Rapid Rooter in hydroton, and that should work fine

In the future, I recommend only using the rapid rooter, and not the rockwool. You should be able to bury just the rapid rooter in the hydroton, without the rockwool, with less chance of stemrot


Okk thank you that’s good to know I really do hope that no stem rot occurs…I will be vigilant and I will make sure to let the water get lower and when I do replace do so at a lower lvl would u say once the roots are out of the pot do I just keep decreasing the water or keep it at a certain lvl after that point or keep taking out as root grow to the bottom?


As she grows, and one of the down sides of bubble buckets IMO, is frequent water changes. The longer you Veg for growth, the faster she’ll drink the water. I once was upto 3 times a week in a 5gal bucket.

To answer your question, I’d keep the water level just below rockwool, after she gets some health root mass. I also probably try to cover the rockwo from any light, but make sure there’s airflow. You might want to remove the rockwool, but I don’t want you to damage the roots that are there.


You will have a great first run. I can see it.



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OK feeding schedules. Regardless of what you grow in never feed them until they have 5 true sets of leaves. Then start off at either 1/4 or at 50/50% of what it says on the bottle. And each feeding raise it up a bit. This helps the plant big time. If she shows signs of illnesses then cut back a bit. Seems to work for many fokes here.

Hope this helps



Thank you very much for the advice I’m still a noob in all ways so I’m just trying g to soak up as much knowledge as I can lol the roots are about two inches out of the bottoms of the rock wool already most have over 7 roots that long out of the bottom of the rock wool wish I’d known I could have used just rapid rooter but good to know for next time


Get them in soil asap. The roots will dry out and die on ya…OK
And feel free to ask anything any time