I need a little help please

I’m nott sure if these are getting a little long for only being a few

days old, also these are autos, I wanted to do a 18-6 light schedule for them, but I messed up by an hour, so I was wondering if I could do a 17-7 light schedule as long as they get more light than dark, and it’s a 24 hour cycle, is it ok? ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Oh and I just noticed the roots coming out the bottom, do they need transfered? Sorry about all the newbie questions, but I’M NEW to this guy’s!!


They aren’t going to notice a difference of an hour lol.

First two weeks I’d be running 24/0 to maintain light/heat levels constant.

Seedlings are stretching a bit: when transplanted just mound media up around stem to support and have a fan on them as well.


Yup! What @Myfriendis410 said. Yes they need to be transplanted if you are seeing the roots coming out. A very light breeze from a fan will make the stems stronger.

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So go ahead and transplant them with a small mound of coco around the stem and light breeze blowing on them? Their going into their final pot, and it won’t matter now, if I switch to 24-0?, When should I start nutes, I’m asking all these questions because I started these nearly a month and a half ago, and I know I could have done WAY better, so I’m trying to avoid/correct my mistakes from those ones, which I started nutes on a week in!!

Just 24/0 until plants are in veg then set whatever hours of light you need to meet your DLI. Nutrients should not be presented until the cotyledons yellow and drop (first two leaves). Not knowing what nutrient line you are running I have no idea how to advise on strength.

I’m gonna try this, not sure if your familiar with it or not, but it’s ONE nutes ALL THE WAY THROUGH VEG AND BLOOM!!

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Interesting stuff. There are no little floaties in bottle or anything like that?

Oh you actually are familiar with it, out of like 7-8 ppl I’ve asked about this stuff, YOUR the only person to have ANY knowledge of it, I haven’t even actually opened the bottle of it yet as my seedling aren’t ready for it yet, I got another week before nutes get started though it does say to start it now I guess!!

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Watch for it when you open bottle. It means that some of the elements have precipitated out of the solution. Using strictly a 1 part it’s not uncommon to have to introduce some supplements too. So keep a close eye out for deficiencies and get on them quickly if you start to see any signs.

I didn’t have power for 70 hrs 7 mins exactly on the dot. My plant is doing awesome. Only problem I have is 1 small Foxtail. But for having no power I was expecting the worse. What makes it even more fun is I only grow on a 12/12 start to finish…both Autos and Photos 12/12.

So I think you will be just fine with the 1 hour loss. And stick with the 18/6 schedule. :+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you guys, I gotta say though, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME, I truly feel like I have personal weed growing teachers, trainers, and assistants, and that’s awesome, but what’s even more awesome is how PASSIONATE everyone is about it, EVERYBODY loves to help, give advice, give insight and essentially help US NEW growers, grow THE BEST weed we can, and mine are looking pretty good. I’m not home :houses: so can’t send pictures of my first plants I started a couple months ago, but I think giving the circumstances and situation of everything added to the fact I’m new to this, they look pretty damn good, anyways AGAIN thanks tons to everyone who gave some insight or even looked at the thread.

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