I NEED a better light?

So I’m growing a single white widow auto in a 3x3x6 MelonFarm tent
My current light is the viparspectra 300W led light at 19" from canopy…
Currently she is 12 days old, about 5" tall, with quite a few nodes already. My question is; will I need a stronger light, or can I use this one for my entire grow/harvest??? And If I need a stronger one, recommendations for a budget?So many mixed reviews and false claims :thinking::roll_eyes:


Yeah it’s really a 130 watt light, pretty weak for a 3x3 tent. While it will grow a plant, a better light will give better results, more yield, denser buds.

A HLG 300 or 350 would do real nice in a 3x3 or save a few bucks with a HLG kit like the 260 and put it together yourself (very easy). No false claims with a company like HLG (horticulture lighting group). Take a look at their website and see what you can afford. Discount code DUDE for 10% off.


Definitely need more light like hellraiser said. Your light is rated for half your tent size for flower so at bare minimum 1 more of the same light if your in a budget but your not gonna see super fat nugs with that little of light


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i use the bottom one and its great i have one white widow auto here she is

It draws 300watts from the wall im using a 70×70×160 marshydro tent

Yes the light u have right now will be a nice little veg light to get it thru veg but u will def want something a bit better. Hellraiser has u covered swell as he grows in 3x3 tents so he knows them back and forth. Welcome to the forum. Ur gonna love it here
Oh happy turkey day also

I have to mostly agree with @Hellraiser

I’m a fan of HLG lights. I have many of their lights.

I have put together 3 260w kits with ease. The directions are simple. If you’re slightly mechanically inclined, it will be a piece of cake. If not, I’m sure there’s a step by step video out there on YouTube. Or I’d be happy to walk you through the process.

Two other options would be to buy a 300 RSpec or a refurbished 300 RSpec. The discount code Hellraiser mentioned works for both.

If you only have one tent for now, you can keep your Blurple light in there along with whatever light you choose. It’ll just add to your harvest. Just make sure it doesn’t get too warm in there.

Also, many of us have been bamboozled into buying crap lights. Here’s good read.

Blurple Buyer’s Support Group


All of you have been such a great help! I purchased my hlg refurbished 300L Rspec, hopefully it will be here in just a few days!! :smiley:


Update! : New Light finally installed! Bye bye blurple! :slight_smile: she’s doing great, I think? Lol day 4 of tie- down lst! Let me know what you guys think!

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