I Mite need to spray!

Last grow I had spider mites… tried using ladybugs… almost worked really good but… I have new plants and of course, they are back. Ladybugs are gone so no more playing around… which spray is currently the best for spider mites? what about broad mites? Avid? Azamax?Neem?

Hi You can get Captain Jack’s dead bugs at most home depot stores.


I’ve had them. They’re a bitch to get rid of
Clean very good and dont reuse anything.
Wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.
Well, maybe the soon to be ex…

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Been fighting them since my first grow! Hate those @&$)(;:/!

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Did u bomb it after your last harvest?

not yet… I did fog with bleach… well, I’m in a different room too… I did have 3000 ladybugs in a 12’x 8’! There are not too many on my new stuff, yet. nothing like an outbreak but I know how important it is to hit them hard while I have a chance! Aren’t there spider mite “bombs” that are plant-friendly?

They contain permetherin.use them 3 times. Once every 3 days.

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Nope. Do you recommend a product. Want to bomb basement now.

I use the bengal or whatever from wally world as long as the ingredient is permetherin they are all the same. Shut off ventilation,If you have plants in the basement spray the entire floor, wall crevices etc with a strong insecticide before setting off bombs.

As soon as they are done, give it a few minutes put on a mask and turn on the ventilation fans etc.

Wash plants gently afterwards with water

Repeat every three days three times.

I used Floramite Miticide for my insecticide for walls and floor and deposed of the soil they grew in " Before" starting my next grow and problem solved.

You can get Floramite Miticide from the flytrap store.com

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Thank you. I have tagged this post so I can find it easily.

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Will pyrethrins work as well?

Also, only wait a few minutes after it’s done? is this so it doesn’t set on the plants too long or? So wash plants shortly after the bomb is done spraying?

In your case I wouldn’t wash it till a day after I set off the 3rd bomb.

Permethrin is a man-made synthetic insecticide whose chemistry is based on natural pyrethrum compounds that are derived from the flowers of the chrysanthemum plant. Said another way, permethrin is a synthetic insecticide based on the chemical structure of a natural plant compound called pyrethrum.

Pyrethrum and Pyrethrin insecticide

Pyrethrum is a crude extract made from dried and ground chrysanthemum flowers. The dried powder is sometimes called “insect powder”. Pyrethrin (“pie-wreath-rin”) is a natural insecticide made from a mixture of several different compounds including pyrethrin I and cinerin I and others that are refined from the crude pyrethrum extract. Today, pyrethrins are widely used in household insect sprays, often combined with another chemical called piperonyl butoxide (PBO) that enhances the effectiveness of the pyrethrins.

It’s the chemical piperonyl butoxide** often added to the natural pyrethrin that concerns me so I stick to the synthetic man made type. Good luck!

even some permethrin has piperonyl butoxide in it. It increases the toxicity of pyrethrin and permethrin. Especially the ones at Walmart that are made for fogging your home. So I guess watch the labels!

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