I might have set a new record.......12 days to sprout

I started a Super Silver Haze seed in a covered Tupperware container in a folded paper towel. I’ve done two other (Blue Haze & Purple Haze) the same way. Usually takes 24 to 36 hrs. to sprout. After three days of no activity on the Silver seed, I plopped another in the same container as the inactive one. Three days later, no activity from either of them. I got a little frustrated and set the container back on my router where it had been for the last week. The router provided a little heat to get them to sprout. A week later to my surprise, I had a sprout. Huh, that’s weird. Well three days after the first sprout and I have another one sprouting. They seem to be doing okay after putting them into some neutral soil. We’ll see what happens in the future. Anyone else experience a long germination time like this?


I dropped 2 seeds for the 5/15 challange.
Yesterday, I gave up on them. They sometimes appeared to split and after a month, might have had a tail or mold. The seeds were given from a friend. I probably gave them to her in 2014.

I had one seed I had planted as it had the tap root. It didn’t sprout for almost 2 weeks. I had several that seemed to die this I ended up with 9 plants in a 4x4. This happened when I first started growing.

I just had 1 seed that had a tap root after a couple hours soaking. It broke surface after a total of 18 hours. I have never seen that happen before.

Moral of the story…make sure they are dead otherwise they may sprout later on. :+1:

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