I messed up indoor grower

indoor grower photo period i tried tying it down i snapped the stem a bit my questioin is can it be saved?

Tape it up…use support like splints if necessary. Can use a dab of honey etc. I don’t bother with that anymore just use some medical tape and support if needed. It will mend and be stronger for it.
This assumes it wasn’t a clean break like off.


its only 2 weeks old so i was not sure

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I keep Coban and bamboo coffee stirring sticks on hand for that. Coban is that stretchy tape they put around your arm after a blood draw. I had one snap nearly through toward the end, loaded with buds, dabbed a bit of manuka honey (had it on hand but any will do) splinted it, coban and also made sure it was supported by nearby stems. It did great.

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If it didn’t break clean off it will heal and form a knot in the bend. You super cropped lol


I have seen many patches work. Tapes, molasses , string , I even saw a clothes pin used to hold a stalk together.

Don’t use bubblegum… ants will come. Your welcome, I’ll be here all week!! Da dat

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Cut a piece of drinking straw to length and split it down the side then pop it over the stem. When she grows out of it, it should pop off on its own.

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