I may late to the party, but has a state specific sub-forum

Ever been discussed? For instance, it would be great to have an opportunity to communicate with other growers in my state of Illinois and get some feedback on how it’s gone for them so far in a state that just implemented a legal grow program for medicinal cannabis card patients. We’ve probably all heard all the horror stories from Michigan about how local sheriffs nazis came in and seized children’s Christmas gifts, Playstations, and basically anything the average citizen could turn into cash for not being compliant with caregiver guidelines. Or in California where Fish & Game were given autonomy to crack heads and seize property.

I just think it would be a very useful sub-community, and hopefully those who have gone before us have some experiences they can share that can possibly head off any undesirable situations.


I lived in California during the medical use acts and recreational laws being passed. Never heard of what you mentioned.


Well for one… the federL and most state department of fish and wildlife are one of the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the world. Its rediculous what they are authorized to do. For example dont need a warrant to search your vehicle or property if there is an animal on it, dead or alive.

And secondly, ive lived in 3 states where its been made legal. Never heard of abuse of power by any state agencies. Not heard of any feds gettin stupid either.

Basically i loooooooooove all things govt conspiracies, but this one i aint heard.

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To be clear, I don’t want to be known as the new guy that’s slinging accusations at law enforcement. I have close family and friends currently employed as

Please take the time to watch the VICE pieces, but a quick Google search brings an avalanche of links about the abuse of LE on many levels in Michigan.

For a good Michigan story, check out Vice on HBO https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/yvew37/tonight-on-viceland-weeiquette-search-seizure-michigan

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I worry about doing everything by the book as well. Just in case “they” want to inspect my setup.
I live right in the middle of a very small, religious town. And I imagine that eventually, someone is gonna smell it or whatever. Even though I use a carbon filter. I really hadn’t heard of other states checking in on people like that.
Hope they don’t try that crap here.

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My old lady is real Boy Scout too. The state only lets us grow 5 plants and the statute is very nebulous. Nowhere does it say that all plants must be grown indoors. It says “marijuana must be kept behind a locked door.” It’s the goofiest thing you’ve every read. It’s almost like they did it that way on purpose.

Five plants is really all one persona can handle, but I killed at least 5 plants and probably drowned 10 bag seeds trying to learn to get it right. If I’d started with just five seeds, I wouldn’t have squat in the ground. I’d love to learn to clone, but the wife is up my ass on that too. “You’re only suppose to have five!” Are you old enough to remember Bewitched? If so there was a neighbor on their that was always nosing around in other folks business. Her name was Gladys Kravitz. I married that woman.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Well, sometimes we guys need someone like that to keep us in line.
As far as the law, I have read through it all on the il gov site. And it’s a little more detailed than that.
It has to be in a separate room that can only be accessed with a key different than the main door.
And it says if it’s outside, they must be in a secure greenhouse or shed, on the same property as the address that the card is issued for. Just my .02

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You’re correct detailed than what I described, but it’s still nebulous at best IMO. It never states directly where the grow must be conducted. Why leave it up to interpretation, when it would be very easy to say
“all marijuana plants shall be grown inside of patients domicile?”

It’s just like when you have to change dispensaries on line. There’s no message or anything that tells you that your request has been approved. Everyone I’ve talked to that has changed dispensaries called the state to see if they were good to go, and the answer you get from Springfield is, “uh you’ll have to call the dispensary and see if your card works there
I’m not worried about LE, it’s the critters and humidity from the swamp I live next to that worries me. I’ve had three fans going during 24/7
since about 6/30. It stays around 105 on that deck.
Next outdoor season I’m going research some strains that are a little more adapted to 100 degree heat and humidity north of 70 pretty much every day from June to September.

Sir I do not believe you married “that” woman… for I MARRIED THAT WOMAN… please lord… there can’t be 2 of them