I may have sent you some new friends


I am NOT going to say how or who - but yeah.

ILGM has been good to me, and I spread the word



:+1:t5::+1:t5: To this


@FrikkinFrank sorry to hear this. Hope whatever issue you had you took it up with customer service, won’t grt much of a result posting in here. Nobody here has connections in the office.


??? I missed something


They been real good to mee too as have every memeber I have met on the forum
Heck yea ILGM is in my opinion by far the best seed bank and more importantly best community I have found
We heart ILGM !!!


I completely misunderstood this post. Thought he was saying he loved it and invited more friends… damn i be high :joy::joy: but anyway. Good luck Frank :facepunch:t5::facepunch:t5:


Me too
Thought this was a kudos to ILGM for being so friggin awesome


People - it’s becoming a new world in terms of our choices for recreational “stuffs”. A lot of areas have got nothing but “brown dirt mexican” if not paraquat-like herb because they had no access to decent herb for years - and what they DID find had no seeds, so you can guess the impact on pot strength and quality.

Last year a guy offered me some for $100 per quarter Oz. I thought for sure it was nothing but concentrated Damiana (SPICE - it was that bad), all it really did was make me tired. Where I actually AM - THEY DON’T KNOW how to cultivate pot, and only guerilla grows with seeds of no value at all are used…

So it’s a crap shoot.

ILGM has changed the game!

THIS (ILGM) levels the playing field for those of us who have been denied any chance at all of having buds with fantastic genetics…

Regarding “KUDOS”? Absolutely this is KUDOS for ILGM, I cannot speak highly enough of Robert and what he has done for ALL OF US

MAJOR :two_hearts: to all here, this is wonderful…


You did read it wrong - see clarification above, as I cannot imagine what you thought I said


Ahhh. Se by your reply i judged it correctly. Was a ‘kudos’ not a ‘farewell’. Posts after mine led me to believe you were leaving.

Alas yes Robert is GOAT. Dude has written the book… literally and physically. And he has cultivated not just pot. But a living breathing nuturing community for like minded individuals. That deserves an applause AND paypal donations. :joy: rant over.


Farewell hell - I hope even if it becomes legit world wide that ILGM will ALWAYS be here for us

~in fact ESPECIALLY if it becomes unrestricted, as it always should have been IMHO


ILGM needs better photo’s of the end result on their web page. They should use Bud Of The Month pics. You buy some and say it looks ok , then you grow it and say DAMN!
Plus the best customers service. Oh and the Forum kills it too.


Where have you been?

THEY DO have a bud of the month and more - just search around the website a bit

But it is in the FORUMS - not on the front page



Im just saying when you buy seeds that the pics there don’t look as good as what even a total noob like me can grow


Honestly - I myself find that highly encouraging :crazy_face:


i like it here also, i have been lurking for a while and just finally made an account here, i have found alot of good info here. members seem pretty cool as well. my hardest thing is trying to figure out navigating the forums better, im having a hell of a time getting to certain places i want to go, i feel like a retard but im still learning i guess. or maybe im too high haha.