I may have missed the F.I.M

I F.I.M’d my Purple Kush. Now, I see the fan leaves are chopped a bit. Anything I should do?


F.I.Really.M.:grin: let her ride out a few days and see what’s up.
I suck at fimming and just stick to topping. Till I can see it done in person

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I believe this is exactly what its supposed to look lime when you FIM.
Traditional topping leaves a clean cut, but fimming takes parts on the leaves.
If it produces 4 nice tops then you have been successful.

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I see 4 for sure 6 if the arrows are pointing out 2 more :thinking: looks like you didn’t miss your FIMissed


You can re fim it to be sure.

To me, it looks like you missed, a bit too cautious with your cut.

I also suck at F.I.M.ing! When I do it, I aim for topping, but try & cut (nip with finger nails) for (hopefully a successful) F.I.M. I haven’t succeeded yet.

Seasoned greetings & happy growing :metal:

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