I may have just screwed up

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Sorry to bother you guys but I’m freaking out a little bit. I’m using flower power to feed my plants. They started preflower about a week and a half ago so I switched over to the bloom packet. When I mixed up my food last night, I accidentally added veg packet instead of the bloom and I added 1/4 teaspoon too much to the gallon (veg food calls for 1/2 tsp and I added 3/4). I fed the whole damned gallon to my larger plant before I realized it. She was hungry because I had some yellowed leaves on the bottom.

So my question is, should I flush it out or let her be? If I lose her after all this time I’ll be devastated.


She could be fine with the extra veg nutes if she was a little nitrogen deficient (yellow leaves on the bottom) as you say. The safe thing to do would be to flush and redo the feeding using the correct nutes and amount.


@Hellraiser thank you so much.


I agree flush it out and refeed :+1:


No problem, do you go by Bass-Assassin because you like to fish or because you’re a killer bass player?


Maybe both?




I am an avid largemouth bass (lady)fisherman. I play acoustic guitar, but never bass. Hahaha


Nice, some of my fondest memories from childhood was out fishing with my dad, so peaceful and quiet out on the water.


I used fish the local lakes several times a week. My favorite was smallmouth. Lots of gravel ledges and drop offs. Always a good way to start the day watching the sun come up on the water.


If you ever add too many nutes to your water just simply scoop some out and replace with fresh water that will bring the ppm of the feed down

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I used to spend my winters chasing rockfish thru spawning grounds on the east coast

Cape Charles was always the place where the largest seemed to gather. We would still get heavy ones down thru Virginia and North Carolina but something about the Chesapeake bay made the big ones easier to catch.

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I got to fish my “Bucketlist” lake for my birthday 3 years ago. Clearlake in California. I know a lot of people exaggerate fishing stories but this one’s legit. I caught over 200 largemouth bass in 4 days. They are so overpopulated that I was hooking up with one on nearly every cast. Most were 1-2 lb range but managed to pull in a couple 5lbers. It will remain the highlight of my fishing life.

Thanks for all the advice guys, I went ahead and flushed her and re-fed. She looks perky this morning!


What a set-up!! Dayum!

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