I managed to order grove bags

Hey guys ibe been trying to get grove bags for ages and when i had found them they were to expensive or the shipping was expensive due to they had to come from the US but finally hyalite Australia finally got some in i ordered ounce bags i got ten of them for $35 dollars there were $3.50 each now i cant wait to harvest my girls and dry them out so i can put them in the grove bags .But i have a question for all of you that use grove bags is there anything special you have to do before putting ur weed in these bags and do u have to burp them at all or does it do that by its self ive never used them so i need all the help for this new adventure


@Aussie_autos have you read this.


That didn’t copy right

No i havent read it why what is it

@Aussie_autos here theres shi loads of info on grove bags. If you type grove bag in the search bar there is all kinds of info. I have not tried them just read about.

Ok thanks for that @DRsDank im new to it thats all i just want to find out pros and cons you know thats sort of stuff

I mite pickup a gallon one and try a little cure to see what the hype is for cure. I have and always will store in mason jars though. No hygrometer just my feel. I been doing this to many years to need that. I know what smokable product should feel like.

I used jars aswell as but i don’t really like using jars i do have two cvault containers aswell i just thought i would give them ago as so many people are raving about these bags

That is a lot of $$ to cure 28g of bud. I mostly use 1/2 gallon jars and picked up 1/4 pound and 1 ounce grove bags in case I ran out,


Im trying to get away from jars and i dont trust those humidity packs i used them before and it made my flower really dry .cause i cured my flower with out the packs first and once my flower was sitting on 60-62% rh then i put a pack into my jars and it made it to dry and i believe that those humidity packs take the flavour from the weed aswell

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Using humidity packs is a bad idea if put in direct content with bud. I over dried the flowers pictured above. That is why I put leaves in the jars. Once they are cured and reach the right rH the jars stay sealed. Once grove bags have done their thing they need to be sealed. They are not airtight and will fluctuate with atmospheric conditions.

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Yah ive been watching alot of there videos on YouTube on how to use them and how they work

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I vote for the jars as well. I’ve never had an issue, and I’ve had bud in jars for a couple years or more.

When i didnt put a humidity pack in the jar the flower was good but when it was in there it would suck whatever moisture it had out of the flower and it ended up to dry

What don’t you like about jars. I cure in 1/2 gallon up to 2 gallon plastic jars. Depends an harvest. I generally start at a higher moisture level than most. Can’t say what it is for certain probably somewhere in the range of 75 percent maybe even higher it feels soft and pliable but just dry on outside. I open it the next day and if it picked up to much moisture I leave it open and shake a couple times a day to mix up maybe even lay on one side. Then later mix and lay on side again. I do that till it feels right again. Maybe 1 or 2 days( maybe less maybe more) its all about the feel. Then start burping 2 or 3 times a day. Again till it feel right. Then burp once a week till it feels smokable. No time frame. Then cut the buds off the cola branch into 1/2 pint large mouth jars. Vacuum seal and store. The smaller jars seam to take up less room tham the bigger ones. Also keeps it fresher not opening the bigger jar and letting air in that can dry it out to much. I cure and store in an area that stays between 60 and 65 degrees all the time. Sometimes gets a little cooler never warmer. It it also pitch black except when I go in to do something or get a jar. Think root cellar.
Anyway rambling again. You get the idea.
And i am not going to let them humidity packs around anything someone is going to use. Like i said I do want to try grove bags for cure but never storage. They are a breathable plastic how else could they cure without burping so even heat sealed it still breaths. So after cure in them I would still store in glass.

I am new, but have used the bage 2 times and will use them again. No burping. I just made sure moisture was right on and put a tiny humidity thing a ma gig to keep telling me it was 62%.

I just got my grove bags now i have to wait for my plants to dry