I made a STUPID mistake.... asking for some help

OK lets assume “someone” was sampling their product just before starting an alcohol wash of 2oz. and ended up making a mistake…this is purely hypothetical as I would never do such a thing…but If I did it would have happened like this…

typically I would put the product in a mason jar and put it in my rotisserie basket in my air fryer and have it decarb at 230 for about 45 min to an hour… then pour my everclear right into the same jar to be sure to get all the tricomes and other useful stuff that clung to the glass…

now lets “pretend” ( because of a little forgetfulness) I accidentally forgot to decarb said product and went straight to the alcohol bath and now have extract packed everclear that was not decarbed and process to come does not involve heat and baking at the right temps…

How would one decarb the goodness and not blow themselves up with alcohol fumes from heating ( we only have a gas stove so simmering the alcohol off is not very safe)

IF I had made this mistake i would think maybe using a crock pot of water on high and putting said mason jar in it to heat the contents would be the safest path with the lid of the jar loose enough to relieve pressure but retard evaporation as much as possible for the time required… Hypothetically that is

What would you do? asking for a friend

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@MadamCalamity might know how to handle this one. Hope it works out!


@Caligurl may also be able to help :+1:


Haha, well, let me tell you what I did since I actually just went ahead and did an ethanol wash for trichome-y goodness without decarbing intentionally (since one doesn’t need to decarb wax if they are simply going to expose it to a lighter or heavy duty vape coil)

I took a gram of wax and decarbed it in a crock pot by throwing it straight into 2 sticks of butter and letting it cook low & slow for an hour. That both decarbed my good stuff and infused it into my butter.

I have heard that to decarb a QWET after the fact, one can also give the mason jar a hot oil bath. I suspect the reason for the oil bath instead of water is that water boils at 212°F and thus evaporates off before hitting 230-240°. I did not want to go this route because I was really concerned about exposing my everclear to heat - waiting for it to evaporate out and just decarbing the concentrate in a different vehicle seemed safer.


Thanks for your response… usually I decarb the product then strip with everclear and let evaporate naturally then put the concentrate in melted tootierolls and let that cool and roll out my “special tootsies” the temp of the melted candy isn’t enough to make the THC viable alone… I have my everclear in a jar in a water bath right now but the temp is not adequate and don’t think the target temp will be reached…
so i am still trying to find a more sound way to decarb it either in the everclear or after it evaporates…

my brain hurts…


Yeah, I believe the answer is do it this way But use vegetable oil as the bath instead of water.


I’d imagine an oil bath for the QWET jar open lidded and outside on an electric hot plate or cooking eye would be the safest method.

No experience, just mentally trouble sitting


If I understand you have concentrates suspended in alcohol right?
Just evaporate the alcohol and you have unactivated concentrate. You can then easily dab it or decarb it in at that point to use for eatables or tinctures

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Some times I literally just put my BHO in a glass jar and put it in an oil bath around 275° or so and let it cook for a while and it’s so easy … so is BHO extract over alcohol in my opinion, but it can be extremely dangerous if not done responsiblity…

If my end goal was to get say cana-oil or butter to cook with, then I would just add the raw materials to the oil ir butter and cook it between 250-275 fir 15-30 mins, then strain it off and you have active thc cooking oil.

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@Graysin is absolutely spot on. You can literally just put some wax in a glass jar with nothing else and place the jar in the oil bath and decarb it and then add it to whatever you want or just rub a small bit on the inside of your mouth and be fried


Well we made rso oil with out decarb 1st followed the instrutions reduced ina rice cooker over 6 hours
.Took over 24 ozs trim and fan leaves ,stems and 6 oz of buds this turned into the most kick your behind oil. Just a small dot like a 1/4 inch will make Mr.Pain go away for hours 3 times that amount you hear smells and see sounds. I know while cooking I stirred and tasted,and tasted and at the end took a dose like I normally do with state oil. BAD MISTAKE!


I would let the alcohol evaporate all the way down to a wax/dab. Then you can put that in the oven at 225 and bake it until the bubbles stop. Not before and not too long after so you have to watch it.


I was afraid of blowing up our house even though oven is elecrtic . Bur when we did the rice cooker the fans were on doors open and fumes got me drunk

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There is so many ways to make concentrates.
Heat press or solvent extract is my two favorite ways.
So simple with just a few steps and you can go from trim to usable product in a single day, about a half day with a vacuum chamber.

In the 90s I remember dad and his crew made hash wax using these older methods like alcohol. But once I discovered solvent extract, it was a game changer for me :rofl:

This is some of my bho shatter after a good long purge in vacuum chamber :grin:


Use a rice cooker outside with a fan pour the liquid in the rice cooker put a bit of water in the rice u only want a mil or two turn rice cooker on and let it get the alcohol out .or have a look at YouTube for a video called how to make rso

I agree with you, I haven’t blasted in a while and I only did small batches. I sold my vacc chamber and pump so I’m not using one with my small batch I plan on just letting it sit to degas maybe double pot w/ hot water first idk yet but the butane should get out on its own after a while right or wrong? Any tips for me running bho without a vacc chamber?

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Yeah man it’s np at all with out a chamber, infact I rarely ever use it honestly. Like you said, just hot water bath and “whip it” good.
And it’s fine to dab right after in my opinion.
I good whip and it’s 99% gas free I’d say. Butane boils at such a low temperature, it doesn’t take much to get it out, time or agitation paired with a little bit of heat and the gas is gone :ok_hand:

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Thnx my tube only holds a lil over a 1/2 oz I always thought I was wasting time vac purging it for 24hrs. Can’t wait to blast few batches hopefully soon.

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Rice cooker is the way to go 6 hours on high temp cook. And RSO oil.

That’s a science experiment kit for sure