I’m trying to get it right, this is my first grow journal after messing up 6 seeds with 2 different attempts!

I was very surprised at how little my bill went up.
I use the Spider Farmer 4000 and the 2000.
Both are cranked up but the bill just felt a bump.
I don’t have any other grow light experience to draw on but I’m well pleased with mine.
There’s my 2 cents worth. :slight_smile:


My HLG hasent raised bill enough to notice.

I would be asking @dbrn32 this. Also, Are you going to really need to light up all the space. Or just the area you grow in. I only worry about lighting a 2x8 area in my 4x8 since that is where my plants are. That would help cut down the bill some. Doing photos over autos would also help since you would not be running a 18/6 in veg with very many watts. And only 12/12 for full power. Just a thought. I average about 800 kilowatts per month when in flower with 8 plants here. That is for all my house hold use as well. That is with a dehumidifier and bunch of fans, and about 760w of lights. I easily get away with 130w per plant. I am in scrogs and have all QB lights.


To run an 8x8 at same rate as your 4x4 it will quadruple the cost. That is probably not in your best interest if you are concerned about your power cost.

I’m guessing you are running 2x4 as veg space and 4x4 as flower space? What kind of dry harvest weights are you getting? May be a better idea to spend on trying to get more out of the space first. Then perhaps an additional 4x4 would get you closer to your goals and you wouldn’t need something as large as an 8x8.



Just fed the girls 1 gallon of ff 7th week schedule 1/2 of the recommended dose. They look good, and definitely smell good.


I gave the girls 1 gallon of water each.
Thursday I’ll give them nutes.
It seems like the right side is developing faster than the left side (color wise on the buds).


I move ours around everyday front to back left to right etc to make sure they all get to share the light from all angles and still have that issue with a couple of them. Maybe just genetics but at least I feel like I’m doing all I can for them to keep things fair. We even have 2 out of 6 that that are so far behind they will have an extra week or two after the rest get chopped under the light by themselves. As long as they are healthy I guess just keep going :grin::+1:t2::beer:

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@Wildfire50210 thanks, I’ll try that.

Up until there tied in I just rotate the bags about ⅓ turn every watering for that reason.

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