I’m stuck help with purple haze Autoflower

My tent.

Still building it out.


Beautiful guys. I hope I get to the place where I an grow some good plants. NYDon my mind is searching for an answer. Hellraiser keeps his humidity at 30%. Most guys say for seedlings they like 70 to 80 % because the seedlings don’t have a good enough root system to provide water to the plant so they raise to humidity so the leaves can absorb moisture. Do you keep you humidity at 30% for the seedlings? Others use humidity domes to provide moisture for plants. What’s your take on this? Thanks , Buddy53

Some like domes, some don’t. I used a sprouter tray with a dome and a heat mat for my first set of seeds. There were some drawbacks. For one not a lot of soil fit in the holes so I had to transplant earlier than is optimal and it was a little tricky getting the seedlings out, but all but 2, I think, grew to what I think are, to this point, successful. A big part of that was help from the great people on this site.

My second set of seeds did not go as well. I went with solo cups after germination, like so many of the people here do. Out of 14 germinated seeds I only have one viable plant. I followed others who don’t use or like domes. I don’t think they are wrong in their opinions and/or methods; it just did not work for me. I am sure I made mistakes.

If I do soil grows again, I will use my sprouter tray with dome and heat mat. I believe it holds value, but to each their own. To the question of humidity, seedlings do need more humidity than older plants, and a dome will help with that. How much humidity they need to thrive I do not know. When your seedlings are small enough you can use a clear solo cup or cut the top off a clear 2 liter soda bottle. If you dome them,when you water, leave the dome on and water around it. Do not put water right on the seedlings. This will help with root growth as they reach for the water. You can also spray the inside of the dome. NOT the plant. If you seed condensation on the inside of the dome you are good. A reasonable lower humidity will not kill your plant. It may slow down the growth.

There is also a correlation between temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature, the higher you want your humidity… to a point.

Experiment, keep track of your data and have fun. We all have failed at something. Just have fun.

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I like the earthbox.

I like my Earthbox’s better than my pots. I use living soil in them.

Good luck with your new grow :v::green_heart:

Thanks NYDon good info to know. Do u think 15 gallon containers is big enough for my autos? And where u get yours from? You use fiber or hard plastic.

Green Jewels do you just mix your nutes like it says on container and bottom feed through the earth box reservoir? What else do I need to know about earth box growing? I probably have 8 boxes or so. Just 1 plant for autos?

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I mostly use water in the reservoir and occasionally I’ll add some coconut water in. My nutrients are mostly topdressed. Compost, worm castings, langbienite, craft blend etc. I keep bokashi sprinkled on top. Sometimes I’ll let the reservoir run dry so I can top water in some fish aminos, microbes, enzymes etc, or a tea. I’m afraid put much in the reservoir. If a girl is drinking the whole reservoir in a day during flower, I’ll go ahead and add a 1x dose of Build a Soils, build a bloom to the reservoir. Only if I’m certain she’ll drink it up.
My first box, I tried the bokashi, em1 and molasses, that didn’t work for me. It turned pretty nasty and I had to flush out the reservoir. It was a pita, so I’m reluctant to add much.
I’ve have 3 earthbox’s and another arriving tomorrow. :v::green_heart:

Here’s my recently harvested Acapulco Gold in the box

A previous Cindy99 fast

They do grow big, I recommend a short veg time.

Nice job Jewels. Thanks for the info. Hope one day I get that good. That main stem is up to your grow lights. You gonna enjoy that for sure. What you think, a pound or better?

@Green Jewels you can call down in Florida and get used earth boxes. I think I bought 10 used ones last time. They were about 1/2 price. They take in used boxes from people wanting the newest version of earth box.

@NYDon hello Don how small of a pot can I get by with growing Autos? And where to get them and do I want fiber of hard plastic pots? Thanks Don. Buddy53

Thanks for the info. I’ll check that out next time I’m down visiting friends family.

Currently I have 2 growing in box’s. The Cindy and AG were harvested. I’m bad at weighing post cure. I had plenty to smoke and share. Still have some left too. I usually have to Supercrop the girls in the box’s

I would choose cloth pots myself. The roots like the air and over watering is less likely than in plastic. I have living soil in rootwise cloth pots also growing. You can use a 3 gallon for autos but 5 gallons is better and usually yields larger. :v::green_heart:

Thanks Jewels. Am thinking about trying earth box with 1 plant and pots with another. I just called down there and ask if they had any used standard earth boxes and the shipped them right to me. I think their growing season has just started so they might have plenty used boxes. They also have square boxes more like a pot. Those might be better.

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@NYDon Hi Don is that a 2x8 tent? Thinking about throwing out a huge dresser in that bedroom then I would have room for a 2 x8 tent. Nice job your doing there Don. Look great!

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Thanks! 4 x 8

I am starting over again after my first blunder. Got the Happy Frog and all the nutes I been reading about on here. I need to invest in a grow light… I am going to have (2) 5 gallon pots and grow 2 autos. Is this grow light what I need for $412.00 or is it overkill?

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What size tent? That will cover a 2x4 tent in flower

Hi Green Jewels
I didn’t get a tent. Was going to try to grow in a spare bedroom. Just was wanting to know if I was going to spend $400 for that light if that was too much money or about right.

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Hi @NYDon was wanting to know if that light below is what I need for growing 2 Autos in 5 gallon pots. Or is that overkill for the light I need?

Personally, I think HLG lights are very efficient and worth the money. Nope, not overkill.