I’m stuck help with purple haze Autoflower

Plants been sitting like this for 9 days and no new progression.
Purple haze auto flowering, indoors
Sota Green potting mix from Lowe’s
6.4 water ph
Unit Farms grow light UM-1000. Grow light on 18 hrs. Off 6 hrs.
Temp 80 in day, 75 at night … humidity 50 to 60%.
Ceiling fan on high. Got humidifier and dehumidifier hooked into Inkbird controller.
I have planted lots of vegetable seeds over the years with no problem but can’t get these purple haze to budge. Nice and green and healthy looking but no growth. Thought about adding a drop or 2 of fish emulsion but thought I better ask first. First 2 seeds I planted didn’t make it even to this point.
Thanks for any help, Buddy53


That was supposed to be Sta Green potting mix.

Regular old Potting soil is not the best for Pot. Others who have more experience with regular soil will chime in. Make sure the water you are using is ph’ed to 6.5. Are using tap water? Well or municipal?

I would buy some Fox Farms Happy Frog or a pot-friendly soil and transplant into a final home. Autos don’t always like transplanting so you don’t want to do it multiple times.

It does look healthy…

Autos are finicky. Some can start slow, but like @NYDon said, a better soil is going to give you a better start. I wouldn’t worry about them this soon. I have an auto less 6" tall going into flower right now, and another about 10" a week from it.


Yep. I had 3 start super slow too. One is a foot tall, was planted on 8/2 and is all types of strange.

I recommend transplanting into the final pot and let it do it’s thing. If you have Lowe’s potting soil it’s not the best but it’ll do. Don’t use Miracle Grow. Then…

Water sparingly, control light intensity, temp, humidity, and airflow.

Go back to Lowe’s (or Home Depot) and grab some Dr Earth Home Grown dry nutrients and top dress 1/4 Cup every other week (ck stock online before you go). Your potting mix probably doesn’t have everything required. Your plants will only take what it needs when it needs it. No nutrient burn or salt flush required. It’ll take off like a rocket ship when it’s allowed to stretch it’s roots and finds the nutrients. A little Real Grower’s Recharge wouldn’t hurt but Lowe’s doesn’t carry it.

In a month or so when it starts stretching head back to Lowe’s (or Home Depot) add 1/4 C Dr Earth Premium Gold for two feedings (every other week). When you see pistils add 1/4 C Dr Earth Flower Girl every other week. About 2-3 weeks from harvest quit feeding — water only.

Those are growing. Roots. Give it a bit. Plants look dry which is better than them looking wet. I only give my seedlings a few ml water. I use an eyedropper and apply at the base of the plant.

Am starting to lose them real quick now compared to the photo 5 days ago at the top. Have grown 100s of vegetable plants with no problem but the marijuana plants are a bitch for some reason.

Can I buy suitable soil anywhere local like Lowe’s ,Walmart

This is the 14th day since seedling popped up. It did finally grow a 3rd set of leaves a few days ago and now appears to be Dying.

Id go with fox farms or Promix w microbes from Walmart

Happy Frog from fox farm is what I use its around $25 2 cubic feet, enough to fill five 3 gallon containers.
Promix is $13 or so

Alot grow in coco too

I dug very carefully down through the potting mix with the tip of a pocket knife a see no roots at all after 14 days of seedling popping through.

Thanks Bonger. When I search Happy Frog from fox Farms I get different formulations. I see 1 thats a Bush Doctor from fox farms with Coco loco potting mix for $45 for 2 cubic ft.

Is this what I need?

You want this my man…


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With that dirt you will not need to feed for at least 3 weeks.

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Those look very wet to me. Marijuana seedlings do not need much water, you will drown them or rot the roots. Get a spray bottle and spray the soil when it is dry; and I mean dry, not just the top inch of soil, all the way down… one step from being dryer than a popcorn fart. You want the container to feel very light when you
pick it up. DO NOT SPRAY THE PLANTS, they don’t like it. Do not water these like tomatoes or basil or beans… whatever. Let the soil get dry, then spray with RO or distilled water. Like 6 to 10 squirts.

Marijuana should be watered on a drought and flood method after the seedling stage.

Read this a few times. It is full of great and correct information. I myself have read through it many times. @Hellraiser knows what he is doing.


My purple haze are not even sprouting. I’ve tried different soils and waters, but I’m getting no response. The granddaddy purples were a total failure, and this is looking the same ! I’m an experienced grower, and I’ve never had this much trouble growing anything…

@oldmarine You want to put the water away from the plant. The reason why it forces the roots to move away and can establish a great root development so the plant is sturdy.

I prefer domes now when they are small. The water doesn’t come from the roots. Its through the leaves till the roots are established. I mist the domes twice a day. Once the leaves touch the side I pull the domes. Ideally you want at least 80% RH in the domes. I prefer 90% or more.

Then its on.

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Once I transplant my seedling they get good soakings. Until then, I’m only worried about the tap root. It’s about a 2-3 week process.

I use fabric pots and I get real good root development.