I’m starting my first grow in about a week. What line of nutrients do you recommend?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m starting my first grow in about a week. Gunna start with 5 plants in a 4x4 tent 1000 w led light, 4 in fan system and growing in coco. The strains are White Walker Kush, GSC, Wedding Cake, White Widow XXL Auto and Auto #1. What line of nutrients do you recommend?

Since growing plants in coco coir is considered a form of hydroponics (‘passive’ hydroponics) most nutrient lines intended for hydroponic systems will work, some brands to consider include;

General Hydroponics Flora Series
Advanced Nutrients (a coco coir specific line is offered)
Canna Coco A+B (coco coir specific)
House & Garden
Fox Farm Trio
…among others

It’s also a very good idea to read up on how coco coir interacts with calcium and magnesium. If a coco coir specific nutrient line is not used, a calcium and magnesium supplement will possibly/likely be needed. Calimagic and CAL-MAG are two supplements readily available.

That’s a great start I say Roberts nutes from Ilgm Remo - nectar of the gods is good fox farm dirty dozen and if on a budget gh for sure join us and we can help you out

I’ve been using GH FLORA TRIO so far and lookn good

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Ive done fairly well with General Hydro nutrients and 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts per gallon along with some hydrogen peroxide and an o2 stone

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