I’m so confused

I’ve tried everything and still can’t figure out why my leaves are turning yellow and dropping off! Any ideas would be great!


Leafs in flower will never recover even if you fix the problem but it will stop getting worse.

I assume your in soil, what’s the runoff tds of your soil?

What’s the PH on the water given? It should be 6.5

If your watering with distilled water don’t, it drains all the nutrients from your soil.

If you are using RO or distilled water you MUST add Calmag. I see a little nute burn on your pics so i would guess you have a Ph lock-out. Try a good flush with 6.5 H20 and rinse out all the built up salts until your runoff is 500 or less. Let her dry out and water with some Calmag and micro nutes. Always water to runoff when using nutes… That has bit me in the ass a couple times… When you are getting close to harvest, yellow leaves are natural too…

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Yeah I’m tempted to chop her down before her buds start to yellow and drop too😞

Overwatering… :+1::wink:
Stop it , maybe every 3 day’s…
If that…

What about flushing her roots out? Just watering until I get some good runoff and then let her dry out for a week! Rinse all the salts off her roots?

So, I literally put her in my sink and ran about five quarts through her until I got some good clean runoff. I’m sending pics of my readings for you to look at and let me know what you think? Please? Lmao.

The top number at one point was like 1995 or some shit! That’s after the flush. Now I’ll let her dry out completely and hit her with some nute and cal mag! Massive damned dose! Lol


Now you have the tools to accurately keep the medium within the right PH and ensure it doesn’t starve or you don’t over feed. Good luck


Your ppms are 1900. With just water?

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Soil ppm’s start at like 3 or 4k…its normal

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Oh ok didnt know that

And that’s after doing a flush

Should I harvest now?

No don’t harvest now why would you do that your still growing… That’s why we are trying to get the right tds and ph right?

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Absolutely! I just wanna cry when I look at her tho😞

Remember… you’re growing buds, not leaves. I am fighting some yellow right now on week 4 of flower. All my numbers are good too. You said you just flushed so I would give it a few days and see how they respond. The last thing you want to do is over water or over fertilize… Cannabis is a weed and can bounce back easy. It will take a few days to notice any changes. Let the pots dry out some and water with 6.5 Ph. I NEVER get through a grow without some yellowing… never, so no worries.

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Relax things happen , you gave it a good flush so you got rehab started. It is not uncommon that a flush is required many schedules have them.see here in the fox farms chart sledge hammer flush.


Hey thanks a lot brother