I’m so confused, " to flush or not to flush, that is the question "

Hi all,
First grow, LSD auto, 3 plants, 25 days, ocean forest 60%, large perlite 20%, coco coir 20%…ff feeding schedule @50%…Great White Mycorrhizae…plants have a few leaves that the tips have turned down. It’s noticeable on all three plants. most likely read TOO much, hence the reason for my spinning head. To flush or not to flush that is the question. Everywhere I go, all the books I’m reading it seems that there isn’t a definitive answer. I’m starting to think my soil is too hot…what to do. Who’s advice to follow ? I’d post a few images but not sure how to do that…I’m 70 years old and a little slow on the uptake, all this technology is still magical to me so how to do that would also be helpful…


Hi @happyjack welcome to the neighborhood, I am not a fan of flushing but I always slow down the nutes (like 1/4 strength) for the last couple weeks. I never understood the point of starving a plant you are asking to give you one last push


Hey Jack how old is your plants? What size pots. Try using just plain water feedings for a few days if they are a dark green color.


Hello! I had this same question when I first started. I’m not big into flushing at this point.

A picture would tell us a lot.

If you’re only 25 days into Veg, I’m betting that you’re over watering…. It happens. @R0ck

And welcome to the community. I find this site the easiest to navigate. I too, am technically challenged.

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Welcome to the community !

Welcome @happyjack, like said earlier here, pictures would be very helpful. Have you measured any runoff. That Ocean Forest is good stuff. Can be a little hot for a while though. I have a northern lights auto in ocean forrest right now. She got her first feeding yesterday at 50 days old. My first runoff #'s were a little over 4000ppm.
I’m thinking maybe just a bit much food for your girl. It’s not uncommon for a plant to go 4, 5, 6+ weeks in Ocean Forest without needing much save for some CalMag if you have high powered LED lights. :slightly_smiling_face::v:

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@happyjack as for loading pictures there’s two little boxes down in the bottom right corner when you are writing a post. The first is the one you want it will bring up where you can choose where to get the pictures from, on mine I click file then gallery but I’m on a tablet not computer so it could be different on your end. The second little box shows you a preview of the post you are writing in there you can change the size of your pictures so your post doesn’t take so much space

Here are a few images…started in 3x3 transplanted into 2 quart going to finish in 3 gallon cloth and put into my grow tent,tent 3’x3’ ,
Did add cal-mag…I’ll check ppm next watering….I was away for 4 days and watered this morning and did not check runoff…thanks for welcome to the neighborhood,I have grown before back in the 70’s when you would get as many seeds in your purchase as usable smoke…outside and just scatter the seeds in the clearing in the woods and hope for the best….


Fox farms has enough nutrients for 4 to 6 weeks and when you transplant to clock starts again I would stop the extra nutrients


They look good buddy. I don’t see a reason to flush. Will be nice to see the runoff numbers. That one little burnt tip could be from leaf touching the soil or rubbing on something not necessarily nute burn.
Edit- As @dirtydave said “hold off on extra nutes”
Next watering hold the nutes and get a runoff measurement. Try to shoot for 20% runoff. I try to catch and measure the middle of the runoff. Toss the first bit and get your measurement before the last of the runoff stops.

Your plants look really good. The community has you taken care of.

I’m guessing too much water. And that’s my final guess. Let the pots get good and light. Then water, ph’d with no nutes, maybe some “recharge” (good stuff) and let them keep on keepin on.

You’re doing great

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My two cents. Think it looks like over water, just slow down and stay calm all will be well. I myself would let them get pretty dry, give them a good aact. Just my opinion.

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They look to be very root bound they need more elbow room


One more thing…. As I’ve been growing for only over a year, I’ve learned about Fulvic acid and Humic Acid. I don’t know the science behind it, but these acids help with nutrient uptake at the roots.

Being that you’re in soil with a lot of available nutrients, some of these acids might help deplete the soil of nutrients before you start adding bottled nutrients.

Want to take a moment to thank all who have replied,great advise here…also a quick update on my first grow. Same girls 3 weeks later…

Figure a few more weeks. That’s my nest question,when to harvest…

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I always wait for the pistils to turn about 60% dark and then start watching the trichomes for ripeness. I cut earlier than most at about 10% amber but it depends on what you like the more amber the more or a couch lock high your weed will have. Here’s a pic to use as a reference