I’m researching humidity and temperatures

Planning For future indoor facilities, hydroponic systems. Flower period.
So here’s my question. It just makes sense to me that with so many environmental factors that light create (effect) and control temperatures and in some cases humidity (the whole nine) and even water temperatures the most logical thing to do is to target the natural environment during the flower phase depending on the “strain” (I don’t like that word but to keep it simple) relevant to the regional origin region of the plant. That said: in most regions if the natural environment of most during September-October it’s generally cooler and less day light. i’m trying to understand why some would have extremely high temps like 78-85, (rh)humidity above 60 and lights blazing. I thought that successfully growing is based on Trichomes production (as an element) and that trichome production (is light sensitivity (bc you dry in the dark as well) but also is a natural protection for the plant as the season changes. So in summary my question:

How many people try to simulate a “season” for the plant as if it was out doors? Or do you just grow based on what you “see” as in the health of the the plant daily against a pre-set regiment ( like lights on full blast, if you have 1 or more modes.)
Plants are not on our schedule and one fungus or anything else can change the tables. How do you prepare for what seems like it could be chaotic very rapidly on a large scale.

I’d appreciate some input…my goal is to start a business that helps disabled Vets source more cost effective cannabis. And all these things effect cost. Thank in advance! I appreciate if you got this far.

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You can try but you can’t really duplicate the sun nor mother nature. Many reduce temps at the end of flowering to bring out colors. I reduce temps to 73 degrees my last two weeks of flowering and change my HPS bulb to MH the last week of flowering to increase potency.

My best indoor bud of the same strain always seem to lack something that it’s outdoor grown kin have. Not sure what’s missing but it’s a noticable difference in the high. Outdoor weed of say Super Skunk is just more of a trip than the same inside bud.

You need to be educating not asking questions as your ahead of the curve.

Forewarning… ranty grammer. I was getting ready for work so its a bit choppy but I do not attempt to simulate the seasons, aside from 18/6 to 12/12 and a slight temperature drop all around in flower. Honestly its not noticeable, i just open or close the central ventilation :laughing::laughing:.

Have watched a couple growers get in there with light movers (cant remember off the top of my head). Seen a guy or two add blues and use during lights on to simulate morning light, and reds in the afternoon… @merlin44 even adds uv’s to simulate ‘sunlight’. Havent seen full on daily/seasonal temp manipulation. But….

All of it is truly negligible to the basics. That is to say….

The jump from poo dirt to super soil is AMAZING. Then from super to living is EASIER and ‘more organic and true to life’ but nowhere near the huge leap from the first.

The jump from T4’s and blurples to HPS/MH and high efficiency LEDs is HUGE. Light movers im sure spreads intensity to the canopy and simulates real life… but the gains id imagine are neglible compared to the first change.

Yes growing strains as close to in there original landrace state (lazy word again…) would help logically. But how can one reasonably expect to replicate the sun at the 45th parallel at 2000ft altitude when u live in Palm Beach? Lol

Not just shooting ur idea down. Only tryna get you to see the massive thought n investment involved for minimal gains.

Haha i lookd at the GulfGorillas response cuz I forgot to hit send. Great mind bro great minds…

Last edit: Nothing constructive enough up there for me. Essentially its easier, more efficient (the name of the game growing pot, grams per watt… business wise), and u get better weed if u maximize DLI (basically how much light a plant can use for a given stage) and keep you humidity/environment in proper VPD for your “strain”


Welcome to the ILGM forum @JDsVoiceWorks

If you are trying to keep cost per gram down to make your product available at a lower price, just insure that you have excellent lighting and stick to a basic operation paying particular attention to the growing environment keeping temperature, relative humidity and soil/medium pH in the proper ranges.

While I do have some rather extravagant environmental controls and components in place, I would say that they only contribute about %10 in increased yields but cost about %30+ more to put in place.

Keep it as simple as you can and pay attention to the details.

Thanks for the shout out @PurpNGold74.


@PurpNGold74 when you say extravagant set-up t, can you elaborate? I’m a tech junkie :rofl: so I’m really interested in any components that will make a space more efficient, or less labor intensive. When I started reading all the threads i’m really so far from where I started initially thinking plants are pretty much drop seed, watch and wait… but they’re finicky lil kids… each one. I’m definitely going to avoid soil simply because of the messiness but appreciate any other Hydroponic advice anyone has.

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You asked your question to @PurpNGold74, but will tell you what I have.

I use an industrial PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to control and monitor all aspects of my grow room/tents. I have LED’s for main lights with supplemental UV, photo-red and far red. I monitor and control temperature and relative humidity as well. The PLC and touch screen interface ran me about $1200 and the instrument for monitoring temperature and rH is about $110 (one for each of three spaces).

A single PLC monitors and controls all three spaces.


Haha he addressd it to me but this question is all you bro. Im basically stone age. Diy lights on a wifi timer is my most techd out aspect. Dirt and fish poop. My aeration machine consists of using elbow grease to shake the faq outta the bottles lol.


Nothing to be dismissed, all of my lights are DIY as well.

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Thanks… pretty new to Reddit… I appreciate the response. Sounds like a nice lil set up! The question was for anyone who has a innovative idea as well!


For clarity… I’m not going that deep… I’m really referring to this: when the season starts, the average daily temps and humidity are seasonally related. Cool May, warmer June, Hot Aug/July and cooling Sept…
The rain pattern also changes as well as humidity… that said it’s not 80-100 in the later harvest season… so does anyone consider lowered temps and well as lowering or increasing other parameters with time season in mind as if to increase production? (I hope that makes more sense)

I gotcha. Other then lowering temps for… colors? And a few legends about ice baths before harvest increasing resin amounts… im not sure if lowering temps does much more then slow the plants metabolism.

To maximize production, you want the energy being used at its most efficient. All weed needs to finish its life cycle thoroughly is flowering hours (usually). Thus tropical temps through harvest seem to be the most productive environment.

All that is opinion and observations Ive made thru my still rookie growing career. Love the conversation and as always encourage debates for topics like this.

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I appreciate u too :rofl::fist:t5:… a lot of great knowledge here.