I’m not interested in smoking. I’m interested the medical aspect of marijuana


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I’m very confused about what strain I should plant this year. I grew gold leaf this past year. First try, was very successful. The gold leaf grew large, with lots of buds and only grew 6 plants. However, I’m not interested in smoking. I’m interested the medical aspect of marijuana. CBD oil has been good for pain relief. It’s very expensive to buy and you don’t always know what you are getting, so I will grow my own. The gold leaf was productive and easy to grow, I want a strain with more CBD than THC. The strains that I’ve read about are CHEESE, PURE-INDICA OR BLUEBERRY. Which one will give me more CBD oil?”


After looking in the seed shop it looks like Cheese and Blueberry have the highest. They don’t list the percentage but I think 2% is considered a high CBD amount.

Blueberry seems to be the most popular for high CBD value and high pain management


None of them,
You will have to go search for CBD dominant strain…
There are sooooo many now, I love Royal Medic and CBD OG, but I grew Charlottes web, AcDc, API too…
We went through a couple of pounds of CBD rich bud already, the whole family is using my special tinctures…
Except the kids of course :wink::wink::wink:
Anyway ILGM has an awesome genetics , but unfortunately not CBD dominant strain yet.
.That will come I am sure…


Actually a new arrival to ILGM is

Critical Mass and is one of the better low THC and Higher CBD

But what @MAXHeadRoom @Ragnar are getting at is that all of the strains here at ILGM also have THC in them and most have a lot more THC than CBD.

Currently the best way to get HIGH CBD products to purchase those made commercially from Hemp.

The only way you could be sure about the amount of THC to CBD would be to grow the plants and then submit them for testing. that is the only way you know for sure.


Thanks for the info @Ragnar When I first started growing, my goal was to grow a high CBD percentage plant. Most people that I know don’t want to get high either. For me with the cancer I have the higher THC value is what shrinks my tumors. But most of my friends have different ailments where CBD would be more beneficial. I have read that a 50/50 strain is the best of both worlds. Since CBD oil is very expensive it would be nice if ILGM would offer a high CBD plant that we could grow


Here is what the local dispensary has for numbers for critical mass. I just don’t know how these numbers relate to the strain the ILGM sells

[TAC 17.6%] THCA: 5.6%, THC: 0.3%, CBC: 0.1%, CBDA: 10.9%, CBD: 0.4%, CBGA 0.3%


@MAXHeadRoom for CBD oil i use Medterra. A 100ml bottle = 3000 mg for $150 delivered to your door. Best price and highest % i have found so far.


I grew Royal Medic for 1:1 thc- cbd ratio
But unless you want to deal with individual testing I advice you to get a clone instead of seeds…
Its quite complicated process to grow certain ratios…
Even the same plant can and usually has different levels of potency all over the buds…( sunny side is different than shaded…etc.)
I hope you get well brother .


I am quite into making all sorts of medicinal tinctures, some of my alcohol tinctures are about 10% CBD, glycerine tinctures about 7-8% CBD and agave nectar tinctures about 5% CBD
Now, I have made organic coconut CBD oil for a cancer patient from NC and that was pretty much only CBD with almost none Thc , I made it from Charlottes web strain…
When my wife was pregnant close to delivery I made agave nectar tincture from AcDc strain, again almost only CBD, she would put it in her tea…loved it
Anyway, there are now strains with 20% CBD and less than 0.5% THC, the bud is sooooo fluffy you dont even trim it, just dry it and use it…
Well I could talk about this subject for hours so that just my 2 cents…


Could you post some of your recipes with coconut oil and tag me in them, please? Next crop is going to be some high cbd/ low thc plants just for medicinal use. Just not sure what to do with it once the plants are grown, and I’m not really interested in using alcohol to extract it. I mean, would a cup of tea with butter infused cbd to start the day do the trick? My wife swears by cbd oil but that stuff does expensive. Thanks.


There are some good recepies online for coconut oil extraction, I think to use it in tea, you may eant to do blue agave nectar or glycerine extraction, its quite tasty in tea with a few drops of lemon juice…
Simple 10-12 hours low heat recepie…

Decarb your material at 245 F for 90 minutes for max CBD or 60 minutes for max THC…
Place material to crock pot or double boiler cover with glycerine or blue agave nectar , stir well and simmer at 160 F for 10 hours minimum…at the end you can put little lime or lemon juice in it to keep it more liquid…
Then strain through cheese cloth…

Glycerine has better saturation ratio than agave nectar so it will be more potent, but we love the agave stuff so I am sacrificing a little to get best tasting stuff for my wife…


Was just reading about the agave syrup (never heard of it) it’s supposed to be bad stuff because the commercial processing takes out all the nutritional value nd you are a left with an unhealthy sweetener. Natural , unprocessed honey (we get ours direct from a bee keeper) or dates soaked in coconut oil to make a syrup are supposed to be better substitutes. But I ain’t nowhere near that step yet! But thanks for your help.


Yeah , you have to be careful where and what you buying…
I buy all my tinctures supplys in health food stores…we live about 30-40 miles from “hipieland” so I have access to all kinds of cool "s#%t.
Yes you can use honey, but its too thick and has tendency to caramelize so to do honey I use different method of extraction first…
Anyway, its an alchemy :wink::wink::wink:
Good luck


I live in Idiotland called Belgium, which is why I have to get almost everything from Holland. Think I’ll go with the dates/coconut oil infusion, that should pull the cbd out of the weed and sweeten it a bit too. Thanks for your help.:+1:


Good luck , it may takes a few times, but you will come up with whats works for you…
It is a journey…


Those are the trips I like!

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Hello Ragnar, I am new to this topic. I live in Georgia (USA) and just had hip replacement surgery. I am in alot of pain. We cannot buy marijuana here ( or I don’t know where to buy it). I don’t smoke, so I thought I could use some oil to make a cream to put over the scar area and or use some oil to put in food like brownies or tea like you mentioned.
Do you ever make this for people? I now it illegal to sell, so I could give you a lot of money for postage.
You can find me on Facebook. I am a retired Delta airlines employee, not anyone from the government.


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