I’m looking for a simple, inexpensive (relatively) setup that can get my indoor game going


Not sure why this is a reply to me. :grinning:

Have a good one!


Because you’re right, I learned the hard way to stop fussing and creating problems, to keep it simple, just look more instead of pulling this or plucking that, to think more about WHAT I’m doing instead of just reacting to what I THINK I should be doing.


That’s super helpful, thanks very much @bigbananafeet ! As I start collecting everything I’m sure I’ll have lots more questions to ask but this is a great to do list


@bigbananafeet … lasted 10 hrs and a question has already risen lol. Based on my limited electrical know how I think it’s ok but thought I’d check…the lighting transformer you listed is rated for 240v and we’re 120v. In my experience transformers will accept 120-240 but this only references 240v so it caused me a mild puckering. Is it ok?


I just used that one as a example, look for one that is either 110/240v or one that will run 100-240v.

Cost shouldn’t be much different, here’s one example, select 12v and 30A as then the driver is NOT running full power so will not run so hot and will last longer.



Ouch, my mistake in my eagerness, it’s already been shipped.


I should have thought more and linked to one that covered the US as well as here, and should have been clearer.

You never know though, it says one thing but you can always try it on 110 and see what, if any output, there is, it could be that it does the usual 100-265 or 110/220 but doesn’t say so.


I’m in eastern Ontario, Canada and I know enough that I should have checked that…live and learn! I’ve got an email off to the seller and I will try as you suggest or just order the right one. Mistakes are the best teachers :slight_smile:


Seller might be able to sort it out, maybe for a few bucks more, if they have the 110v models. If not, should be early enough to cancel if they can’t.


They already shipped it, no big deal. I also ordered the lights, will those be ok? Which transformer do I actually need?


The second one I posted, does your 110/12v


Thanks - Got it :+1:t4:


Just so you know, the first one you ordered is he same as the new one I ordered. It arrived today and is 110/220v +/-15% so you will likely get the same.

A spare power supply is always handy…


Thanks for the heads up! I agree, spare parts are seldom a bad idea