I’m kinda bragging


You have to use the @ sign to get John’s attention like this: @Countryboyjvd1971.

You did a nice job of topping your plants (hopefully they aren’t autos lol) and supercropping your girls will open them up and make them explode. Done right you’ll need a whip and a chair to go in your tent to feed them haha!


Uh oh. They’re autos. Is that bad???


I became hooked after my very first grow. Looking back it was zero quality compared to what I grow now thanks to this forum and information everyone shares. Each time I’ve grown it’s gotten a little bit better. I like to think I’m on my 4th maybe 5th “real” grow (real = bought a good pH meter, etc haha) since joining this forum but every time it has gotten better! Enjoy your grow and good luck!


Now that was funny. Whip and a chair?! haha I can just see the ringmaster battling a vicious unruly plant. Kind of sounds like my current Skywalker OG ilgm. I did some LST and that plant went wild.

Grrrrrrrrrr! :wink:


Good morning @Countryboyjvd1971.
What does culled mean?


Generally it’s a good idea to let your plant do it’s own thing other than some light training (bending branches etc) as autos are on a fixed clock and will be done whether they were stalled by aggressive pruning/training or not. Once you have some experience you can top and crop as needed. You should be fine.


Thank you for sharing that last post. You made me think about something regarding my picture… in case someone looks at it, I should mention it is an ilgm feminized! So I had the luxury to let it veg as long as I wanted and played around with some low stress training Etc
Thanks! Have a nice morning


@Adsydspence it means to kill them off
And good morning to you as well
I also agree with @Myfriendis410 on the auto thing
Anyway not much you can do now except let them finish autos need to be topped at the right time or you can stress them out


Thanks. Much appreciated


nice @neckNflu skywalker is some great meds!!!


Thank you very much. I’m still learning and have lots to learn but I have to say I’m very excited to try it! Have a nice night.


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971.
I have 2 gorilla glue autos 110 days old. They have some big buds on them. I’m thinking harvest is within 2 weeks. When I checked on them today all the buds have what looks like new white pistils. PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT MOLD.


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@Adsydspence try and reload the picture it didn’t load first time


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971. I asked a local friend. It’s nit mold. Woo hoo


Woohoo to not mold @Adsydspence
What was it ? Just curious


@Countryboyjvd1971 trichomes??
I really am a novice, but I have some beautiful plants. Have a great day


Hahaha that’s awesome bro
You have a good day as well