I’m kinda bragging


I don’t have a question. I have a statement. I’m a rookie and I successfully super cropped three sour kush little gals. Woo hoo


@Adsydspence woohoo

I super crop my plant every run works great
Post a few pictures when you get a chance
I moved your topic to appropriate catigory just a FYI


A Brag without a pic is what Grandpa called a Fishstory :wink:


Thank you. I’m still learning about how to post on the forum. I’ll try the picture.


Congratulations. Keep up the good work. When a few things go your way during your first grow or even your first few grows it sure is a good feeling isn’t it? This hobby is amazing. You’re going to be hooked. Good luck and enjoy your grow! Remember post any questions you may have along the way. the people on this forum are amazing.


lol, @Demar is right you know!


Hey Demarche, can you see the pics?


Sorry I spelled your name wrong


Looks like you topped them not super cropped them @Adsydspence
They look great tho regardless


Ok. My bad. What’s super cropping?


Here you go my friend this will help you understand
Works great to control height of your plants
You did great job topping them FYI @Adsydspence


Thanks. I appreciate your help.


Anytime I can assist tag me I check in regularly during the day
Keep up the good work


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971, hare you familiar with a process where you drill a hole in the bottom of the stalk prior to harvest


Stem splitting it called
Here a link the whole article is cool info but there’s a section in stem splitting works if done correctly


Thanks a lot


If you do it, write up something on your results. I have not read anything definitive on if it really works or not.




Hey country boy , good morning. What is culled?


Thank you. I’m hooked already!!