I’m hoping I haven’t screwed up already

Newbie. What is the purpose of moving up in cup/pot size? I started some plants for outdoors in jiffy pots. They sprouted and I put them in five gallon buckets (where I intend on keeping them) with organics.

Do I need to dig up and plant in something to confine the roots, and then replant?

Also, They are getting leggy.


You can easily grow in 5 gallon buckets outside. They can get much larger in the ground but you can still pull big plants in 5gal. It will require daily watering once they get big since the roots are blocked from reaching ground water.

How old are they? Leggy usually means they’re getting too much shade.


Last years outdoor grow was 3 gallons and all did well.

What strains? Mine were GG4, Tangies Dosidos and on Skywalker OG. Only the Skywalker was leggy but she grew up under harsh conditions. I am using 5, 10 and 20 gallons for this years outdoor grow.

It’s been 10days since they sprung up. When I put them in the bucket a tap root was almost an 1” out the bottom of the jiffy cup. I will add more soil as I’ve read in other posts to help support.

I’m curious about the whole cup/transplanting idea. Do the roots need to be confined for a while before going into a bigger container, or will just letting it do it’s thing in the large container be ok?

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Those jiffy cups will bind all the small feeder roots. I made the mistake of transplanting one in a coco core cup that ended up root bound…the manufacturer’s statement stated these could be transplanted with no issue but not the case. Good luck and ifs it a really recent transplant and possible to cut the sides down on the cup would help :love_you_gesture:

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I would try to remove as much as the jiffy cup as I could. I do I’lld see it hindering root growth as mentioned above. Best case the jiffy pot fade away. Worst case it it messes with root growth. Idk.


Some growers believe that it makes for better/stronger growth.

Mine go into their “forever home” as soon as they sprout a tail. I do not “up-pot”.


I don’t like the "starter’ type cups or cubes made from peat for that reason. Solo cups are most commonly used to start seedlings.

Good idea.


Blue Dream Auto

I use two cups. Both have drain holes. One is split all the way down and I place it inside another to hold it together. When time to transplant I make a hole with an empty cup and simply open the split cup and place the rooted plant into the solo shaped hole. Takes 2 minutes and no disturbance to the roots.


My exact method as well :love_you_gesture:

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I probably got the idea from you. :bulb:

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Welcome to the community and great advice from all above :point_up_2:

I find they slide out of those solo cups easily. Just water, and wait a couple hours, turn them over, and just push on the bottom a little. Slides right out in a perfect clump. Doing this one tomorrow.


I think it was probably the other way around Brother :joy::joy::love_you_gesture:

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