I’m having a problem with my Girl Scout extreme seedlings

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m having a problem with my Girl Scout extreme seedlings. The temp in my grow room is around 85 and the humidify 45 a 1000 full spec 24 inches away. Some times they show areas of low watering (curled taco shaped leaves and maybe heat stress. So I moved lights further brought up humidity 55 and drop temp to 79. Now stems are showing red color and bottom leaves are drying up. Too much or to little. What do you think. I water when soil is somewhat dry about two days. They are in red plastic cups and till now three weeks have been dark green and full

Firstly welcome to ILGM. Join us at the forum and meet some awesome knowledgeable likeminded people. On the heat stress have the curls stopped since u adjustd the lighting? If not try adding a fan to blow on your lights. Helps lower temps. Also photos would be EXTREMELY helpful. By lower leaves do you mean cotyledons? (Small circular starter leaves) because they shrivel naturally as the plant grows and sucks the nutes from it. After they are gone it is usually safe to begin feeding lightly. Again photos would help and i hope you join us here. Good luck with your grow.

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Welcome!! Would like to see some pictures, if you please.

You should join the forum and we will be able to give you one on one help from are staff and are amazing members

next time use clear plastic cups. then you can see how the roots are growing.

3 weeks in red solo cups? I’d say it’s time to transplant. Rootbound can cause other issues, yellowing not growing so I would transplant asap

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You don’t want to use clear cups it’s not good for the roots to get light in them the holes it the bottom of the cup if you see roots they need transplanted

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