I’m getting bud rot big time and losing just about all of it

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

It looks exactly like the picture on the top page of symptom checker page. Yellowing leaves to browning and dying on the ends. Rot on the inside of the big dense ones. Using general hydro nutrients as directed. Flora bloom flora grow flora micro. 600 watt mh/hps. Daytime temp around 80 nighttime around 65 with an average of 65% humidity. Small fan running most of the time. I cut it already to try to stop it. Bubble gum and sour d not sure about runnoff no ventilation except fans indoor no co2 in soil. Is there any type of spray I can use to mitigate?

Your humidity is too high for flowering , you really need to be 50% or below if you can. Get some exhaust fan to remove the moist air. You cant save whats already infected and it needs to be removed from the growroom, but you may be able to salvage what is left. Treat you pruners /scissors in iso alcohol between buds and definately wash your hands before touching any unaffected plants. good luck .


Good advise here @mountainman1 . I run a dehumidifier and it removes at least 6 gals in 24 hrs. when the plants are in full bloom. Just remember to cover any lights that may show. I also use fans, two filters for the smell which discharges the air back into the room. I also run an ac and try to keep the temps under 80.

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