I love Mother Nature!

Ok guys, I started to thread to talk about and to show my outdoor plants. This is my first time ever trying to grow weed outside. And it only happened because I was experimenting like normal haha

I germinated some bag seeds a while ago. On June 23rd ( 6/23)to be exact. The seeds germinated, so I decided I should plant them in some solo cups with the leftover soil I had from my old soil grows (I forget the actual soil, but it’s cut with perlite by 50%). They were planted in solo cups on 6/27.

After a few weeks, I had 12" plants that were just sitting in my veg tent. I never gave them any nutrients or anything. They were eating themselves, but we’re still growing too, it was actually really cool to see happening. I had no idea what to do, because I didn’t want to try soil again, not now at least, and I didn’t want to throw them out because it just seemed like such a waste to me. I only germinated to seeds because I was practicing my germination technique for my good seeds.

I finally decided I should just plant them outside, and see what happens. Why not?
I planted 3 out of 4 plants in my big garden that is full of veggies. It gets great sun exposure all day, and it covered by other plants and a fence around the garden to keep critters out. I planted the other one in my little raised garden bed, since it’s right outside of my door and I can look at her whenever I want to. All four were planted on 8/5.

These pictures are from 8/25, and by this time, they had already grown about 6".

These plants have NEVER been given any nutrients. Again, this all happened because of me experimenting. The garden itself has never been fertilized either. Just tilled at the beginning of the season. I love my girl Mother Nature, because she’s given me some incredible soil to grow in.

I will post new pictures tonight, and you guys will get to see how much they’ve grown, it’s crazy! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


Love my outdoor grows, so natural, new pics coming tonight​:palm_tree::palm_tree::earth_americas:

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I really like the density results under indoor lighting, but I will always grow outside. I just don’t believe our technology can do for them what nature can.

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were do you live the plant seems a little small for September I live in Ohio valley in the USA :innocent:

Lol I planted it on 8/5, and never gave any nutrients. That’s why they look small. I’ll post updated pictures in a minute and you’ll see how much they’ve grown. I’m outside of Philadelphia :v:

great I would like to see them :sunglasses:

I’m a very beginner first time grow I also don’t give nutrients and look at my babies outside grow in Massachusetts

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they look nice :sunglasses:

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Here are updated pictures from earlier today, I hope you guys enjoy :v:

This is the biggest so far, we’ll call her PepperAnn since she’s in the peppers :hot_pepper:

Lol can you find the Marijuana?^^

Second biggest, we’ll call her Sally since she’s by the strawberries🍓

And this is the smallest of the 3 in my veggie garden, we’ll call her Dolly, since she’s gonna have two big colas :wink:


Completely organic and natural buds here, and veggies :v:


Dude we need to get together again this time I’ll come up to you so we can check out your property it looks awesome on pictures… Do some fishing before it gets to cold

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And that my friend is what they are supposed to look like !! Great job !!

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LOL on the names, so innocent

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should have a good taste being natural :sunglasses:


Update pictures

Here’s Sally, looking great!

Here is Dolly

And last but certainly not least, here is PepperAnn! She’s definitely the best and biggest in the garden!

Mother Nature still taking care of my girls! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:


Looking Great @ktreez420, love my natural outdoor grows, I’m posting new pics today on mine :palm_tree:


Finally an update

I took these pictures yesterday but forgot to up,pad them last night, so here you guys go. These pictures really don’t do them justice, they look incredible in person.

First up, Dolly

Second, here’s Sally

Last, but not least, is PepperAnne

And remember guys, I put them outside on a whime not really expecting much. I didn’t give them ANY nutrients or fertilizers. I simply planted them and let Mother Nature do her thing. Oh how I love it. I can’t even imagine if I had actually tried with some outdoor plants early in the season and with nutrients!


Excellent . Just let Mother Nature do her thing. And just when your not expecting much , or doing all the extra’s that we all tend to do with our babies, you get results like this. Keeping it simple and basic. You rock @ktreez420

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It’s why I could never give up on outdoor grows. It’s where they are meant to be. Still going to give indoor a try, but outdoor is where it’s at for me.


I will definitely be growing some next spring after seeing how well they grow with no human interaction! And I’ll be looking for questions from people like you @floridason haha

And thanks @nwinbackyard i really appreciate that! But ive seen your outdoor girls and theyre beautiful! way bigger than mine!