I love ladybugs!

Found this little dude chillin on one of my autos. Where she came from I have no idea since it’s an indoor grow and cold as hell where I live lol


Yes ladybugs are awesome :+1: :lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle::lady_beetle:

The crazy part is that I know how great they are for your plants but, I have zero idea where this little guy came from​:grin::grin::grin:

I hope all her friends show up​:100::100::100:

I believe thats an asian beetle and not a ladybug
Ladybugs are red, asian beetles orange

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Ok well, that bitch is gone now! Lol


We have the bitters where I live , the little f-ers bite like hell.as far as staining goes just dont smush them on the furniture.

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I have seen different colors of Lady Bugs. Not just red and or orange. It does look like an Asian Beetle but the face don’t look the same. Looks like its 1/2 of each.

And many insects will seek shelter indoors when its cold out. We deal with this every day…24/7…365 days and sometimes 366 days. If its to hot they want in and vice versa. :+1::+1::+1:

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This is true, the red orange is a general statement.
There are other articles about identifying them.
They do both eat aphids and other pests.
The asians will multiply fast

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I saw one that was like a dark grey color and had black spots. I didn’t have my camera or phone with me. I was so pissed at myself as I had never seen it before.

I know they will eat Aphids. :+1::+1::+1:

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Well I have my tent so I’ll make sure to be rid of any more before they go in

Don’t be so anxious to remove. It looks like a variation of a lady bug to me. If u start finding nibbles in your leaves then hunt em down, but if not, these guys are good at pest control. If they are getting in from the cold, then so are other little critters.
I always find jumping spiders on my plants, just like the one in my profile pic. They make a home in the stakes I use for support because they are hollow. The plants that I have with jumping spiders almost always look healthier then the ones that are vacant. Jumping spider OG