I love kush

And CFLs are very similar to T5 fluorescent lights, you can build your own light system with ordinary CFLs from your hardware or big box store.

After perusing through your ideas; I must inform you; Temper your expectations on yield. You should be able to grow successfully with the lights you are procuring.
On the other hand;
Lees light intensity = Smaller yield, buds, and density.

If you want to grow using cfl’s, keep buying them and add them to your grow. Flood your space with light.

Yup, as I said it depends on how big you want the plant to get and how you have them spread out above the plant. For a big plant with a bigger yeild you will need more or more powerful lights. 10 x 42 watt lights is kinda a lot of lights and would cover a square meter nicely or about 9 to 10 square feet. Each 40ish to 50ish watt CFL is good for about one square foot (aprox. 30 square cm).

I need to learn how to get pitures. But anyway i was just wandering if u ever growed white widow before and on an average about how much yeild u get from a inside and outside plant. Just wandering becouse the one on the inside is out growing the one on the outside by a good ways. I hadn’t saw it in two days now since i notice the pre-flowers and i also tied it down… And all my cfls are in there own globe. Well get back with me.

We recently discussed this here:


Hey there, got a question. Every thing here id starting showing pre-flowers. Mine on the inside is in its 2nt week of flower. Do u think i can go ahead and take it outside without any problam? Thanks for the info.

I think we already answered this question earlier in the this thread. The only concern I have is if the outdoor darkness duration is a lot shorter than the darkness duration of the indoor light schedule you have on the plant inside.

I just got a plant give to me and all i know about it is its a girl scout cookie and about 3 weeks in flower. The guy i got it from doesn’t know anything about growing just the basics. He moved and couldn’t take it… I put it outside with my white widow. Can u tell me what percentage of indica it is. I saw two different answers. Thanks always.

It doesn’t really matter the exact percentage of Indica vs. Sativa heritage. It won’t necessarily indicate much of anything about how it will grow or much of anything else. Yes usually Indicas are shorter, but how big a plant will grow has to do with so many other variables as well, and girl scout cookies is its own unique breed.

Do u know of any place i can order some hindu kush seeds or master kush and any other 100% indica seeds. I order from Robert but he only has a chosen few. Thanks

I don’t understand. What exactly are you looking for? Why 100% indica?

Did you notice we have Northern Lights or blueberry? Those are nearly 100% Indica. And of course there is OG Kush.

I have smoked a lot of weed but i just love the indica strains. Ive smoked lots of hindu kush, master kush, afgani kush. I love the smoke the high. And its easy to grow and short. Just a personal thing i guess. I have orderd seeds from Robert but they dont sell hidu kush or master kush seeds… I would like to polinate my white widow with wiith master kush or hindu kush, what ever comes first. Then i want cross that mother plant with an OG Kush. Long process but i got the place and time. Do u know of any seed bank that has all those seeds. Thanks

hey man im also in tn and ive been on here about 3 months this is my first grow and been having alot of probs but i thought maybe i could help u with the seeds i got mine from the single seed centre they carry seeds from over 300 seed banks and u can get reg fem autos and really cheap i just ordered my second batch 14 autoflowers for 57 dollars with shipping 3.18 per seed

Hey bud i got your message did u get mine? But anyway I’m from middle tennessee. and i said before i was from east. But its realy middle tn. I realy don’t care to much about this foram but i got my seeds from. i love growing marijuana Robert Bergman. But anyway give me a tex and lets get to know each other and i can help u out one on one. E-mail me and ill give u my number. williamray366@rocketmail.com. newby420