I Love GM Blueberry compared to DJ Short Blueberry

Does anybody know how the genetics of the I Love GM Blueberry would compare to the DJ Short Blueberry?

If both are true Blueberry; They should be genetically the same; Ore, at least very similar. :slight_smile:

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SteveH, did your blueberry strain have the blueish tint on the buds by chance? Been trying to tweak my grows to increase visual attributes and density of the buds. Can’t seem to get what I want.

I never got the visual attributes of the Blueberry using HPS but once I ran them under LED they looked great! I am guessing it is all in the temp of the room… My HPS room with lights on runs about 84F while my LED room runs about 72F to 74F… I know that seems too cold but been working very nice and the buds are super tight and tasty and still getting high yields… Hope that helps

What would you guys say is the right conditions to bring out blueberry traits? I’m running a GC blueberry photo right now and I feel like my growing conditions are going to be pretty on point for late flower. At night the room drops down to about 65 and with the dehumidifier is super overpowered for a small room.