I live in the Grampians National Park in Victoria Australia

When would be the best time to plant my seeds at the moment it is Autumn here so it is starting to get cold, can I grow seeds when it is cold

Plants can grow down to 13C, but slower. You will likely be fighting the daylight time as plants will start to flower when you reach 12hrs of darkness.

The Aussie grow season has just ended, you will have to wait until September to grow again outdoors, I am in South Australia.

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Hi Frosty, I already have two seedlings growing in 5ltr pots with saucers under how do you recommend I look after them over winter ??

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Hi FrostyBuds, I already have two small seedlings growing in pots which I started in small peat pots, how would you recommend I look after them over winter ??

You will need some supplemental lighting to give them more than 12 hours of light, more like 14 hours.