I live in south east Qld Australia and would like to do an outdoor grow

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I live in south east Qld Australia and would like to do an outdoor grow, I have done months of research and have my organic soil mix well aged and sitting at 6.8 ph. The cold winter and frost is behind us now and I have 2 gsc and 2 NYC sour diesel seedlings under a CFL that are 10 days old. They look great and healthy but I’m concerned about how to harden them off in the warmer weather we are experiencing. AVG 28 celsius days with around 75 percent humidity and a constant gentle westerly breeze.

Do I shade them until they get used to the current climate or will they stress and adjust themselves?

Also I have been told it may be Feb till they flower, are they going to get too big planting this early?

They will get HUGE! Your are very ahead of the curve and by harvest (all mistakes withstanding) you could be looking at one helluva jungle from one plant.

I recommend you join the forum and learn with us. This is a great place to be if you wanna grow kick ass weed and so far you’re doing great.

Now as to the outside. The earlier in season usually the better. The acclimate to the sun fairly quickly. Best way to do it is to harden them to the sun slowly but steadily. Maybe take ur pots outside in the early 3 hours or daybreak and the late 3 hours. And expand that time slowly! Also shading is highly encouraged but if the temps are bad and you can check on her every 30 mins ir so ull be fine without. Just no intense 12-5 sun ti begin with. It WILL fry ur girl. Work your way as she ages. And in 2 weeks they’ll be ready to go in the ground (if u wanted) best of luck and hope to see you around


Because of the day length, I think November is about the soonest you can put them out for good. You can look up your day length. If it’s only 12 hours, they start to flower right away. Then the day gets longer and they go back into veg. That’s not very good for them.

There is a trick you can use to prevent them from flowering: Shine a light on them around midnight for 15 minutes. As long as you do that every night, it prevents flowering mode. When the day length reaches 14 hours, you can stop. When days get shorter in February, they will start to flower naturally.

This would scare the pants off me. 15 min shock daily? Gotta add to hermi chances

Never heard of it causing hermies, and it’s only in early veg stage. Growers worry about light leaks during a 12 hour night in flowering stage, but the 15 minute light exposure would immediately put it back into veg. Switching modes is what you need to avoid. This actually prevents mode switching. Without it, plants that go outside too early go into flower mode, then switch to veg mode when the nights get shorter, and then back to flower mode when they get longer.

Or you can just avoid the whole thing by planting in May (or November in the Southern Hemisphere) or use autoflowers.

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Outdoors in October is when I’m planning to stick mine out , but it doesn’t get as hot here as it does in Aussie , never had a issue then flowering then

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Where are you @anon78295680 October may be a bit late for photos. N a bit frosty for autos

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New Zealand

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Perfect. Plant it now. Monster trees later

Hope you have the space or extensive time ans patience to train her

Yup have the space and time to grow em, this will be my 3rd grow but first with ilgm seeds (bagseeds before)

This is we’re they will be growing gets full sun all day so il just be pinching the side branches and leave the head to grow all beautiful

Nice space! And great decision. ILGM has very silid genetics. What strains again? Sativas generally branch less n grow nore vertically.