I live in Missouri, last year i started my plants indoors under 18/6 hours of light

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I’m getting ready to place an order and have a question. i live in Missouri, last year i started my plants indoors under 18/6 hours of light. in June i moved them outdoors and they started flowering. how can i avoid that this year?

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To grow outside the plants need 8 hours of sunlight followed by at least 4 hours of daylight. If your space won’t allow for that then you will need to use supplemental lighting to extend the day. I’m frankly surprised your plants flowered in June.


I should have went into more detail. They started to flower but never filled out. the plants just never matured. i don’t think we ever have 18 hours of daylight here. If i start them indoors at 14/10 would that cause any problems?
I’ve been growing for a few years now, I live by the Mississippi river and it floods. In past years i wasn’t able to plant until July due to flooding and didn’t have the problem…


@58riverrat welcome to the forum
What you want to do is match the amount of day light hour indoors to the amount of day light hours outdoors when you plan on putting them of
So if you have 16 hours of daylight sunrise to sunset run your light 16 on 8 off
I suspect you had more indoor hours of light and when you moved them they sensed the drop in light hours causing them to flower
Since they are light sensitive
@Myfriendis410 is on point with that you ideally want 8 hour minimum of direct sun :sun_with_face:


It seems like a lot of outdoor growers target Memorial Day as a good time to put your plants out. It is a tremendous leg up to get them started indoors and they can really go nuts when they go out. I just sprouted a Gold Leaf to go out in my yard that week. The plant should be 16" tall when it goes out.


Thanks my friend :+1: