I Live In Maryland


" I have a question. I don’t know if I should do an indoor or outdoor grows I’ve read both guides on the website. I live in MARYLAND my question is Do you think I’ll have a better chance of a successful growing experience outdoor in (Maryland) or indoor using a poly tent and lights???"


I’ve have not grown outdoors yet. But if it were me I would try indoors first because I think it would be easier since you have more control over the environment. Indoors you won’t have to worry about insects (hopefully) and don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors.
If you do plan to grow outdoors this year though I would recommend getting an autoflower strain. This is due to the timing, if you were to grow a photo period plant outdoors you would most likely already want it outside growing so that it gets to be a descent size before it starts getting darker earlier.


Pros and cons…

Indoor is more stealthy if you do it right

Outdoor gorilla grow could be safer in non 420 state

Outdoor is a lot less $$

More control over indoor grow in inclement weather.

Year round indoors


If you want to grow a few plants for your own medicine use , indoor is ok, but gotta do it right.
If you want to grow and harvest big, gotta go outside or greenhouse…
I grow both, outside in woods and in greenhouse…


Thanks bro! I appreciate all of you! How many months from start to finish when growing outdoors??


Thanks bro! I would’ve began outdoors already but I felt like it was too cold! It’s stayed around 70 degrees so far this summer in Maryland


I’m in MA and it has sucked weather wise here. Welcome to the ILGM! @Jacktheripper20896

Are you leaning towards an indoor or outdoor grow?


You could still grow outdoors if you started them now I think. I’m going to be putting some auto flowers outdoors in a few weeks. Got them started going to let them get bigger indoors first.


Probably indoors man. I’m a ROOKIE but very enthusiastic and with all this site has to offer I feel like if I follow everything step by step I can’t go wrong? Wasn’t gonna buy the white widow “kit” that comes with the fertilizers and protector but I’ll prob just do some seeds then kill my pockets with a tent and lights. What’s the status on your projects bro???


**was gonna buy


I’m wrapping up an AK47 Auto grow and I’m about 10 days into growing a Gold Leaf and two Blueberry Autos. I will tag you over to my grow journal so you can take a look.

Take a few days and take a look around and ask some questions. There is a lot to learn and it can be a bit much, but there are a number of us that can help you sort things out!

@ragnar has a real interesting off grid grow going out west and @Jmesser80 is growing the Auto Mixpack outdoors. We have it all here. Guys doing hydro, you name it it’s here. lol.

Welcome aboard and I will tag you over to my grow. You will see a blue dot over you avatar upper right corner of page. You build cred reading posts and clicking on the heart to like other folks posts!


@thaproduct22 what do you think? I know she grows and lives in MD as well, if she’s not busy than she can give you a MD residents opinion on the topic.

I for one live outside Philly, and I’m doing both indoor and outdoor this year You just can’t beat the sun light and the way they grow outdoors!



Is it too late in the year to start growing outdoors ?


Thats right, you cant beat the natural sun light…


That all depends on how long your growing season is. I live in NV and outdoors at this point would probably not fly. It goes from 40°F in April to 90°F+ in June to -0 in September. And that’s being generous. I’m not familiar with the East coast weather so that would have to be something for you to look into.


Yes you can start a grow in md right now but if I were you I would do it very soon unless you have some auto flower seeds. Also are you going to put them in pots or put them inside of the ground?I would think it’s easier to do indoors because you have more control of the area but for a larger harvest outdoors would be best.


I love the farm lands outside of Philly, might try outdoors next year myself.


Or consider doing what I do, which is a hybrid method. Indoors when necessary and outdoors when possible. My girls get sun every chance I can give them. Hard to beat natural light.


Such a beautiful area, I love where I live! I would still love to move though!



I’ve been here for 2 1/2, got out of NYC. Too many nosey neighbors, but I would get more acres if I ever move again. I got 3.5 acres of mostly wooded and surrounded by big farms, but still looking for more privacy and space for atv riding and growing outdoors, plus I want to be able to shoot on my own property without fear of surrounding homes.