I like what I am seeing

I noticed them the other day and was very pleasantly surprised. Today is flower day 30, 85 total days. I am surprised because this fan leaf is off the smallest of the four and she was always behind the other three.
On a 3x5 index card

Under the lights she looks gray and well furry?
I assume this is a good trait. Worth trying to get a cutting?


Wow! :star_struck:
Now that’s some serious sugar! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And really nice trichomes shot, bravo @beardless !:nerd_face:

Edit : I don’t understand why you were flagged?

I flagged it. Somehow another thread was posted to this thread. Those posts have been hidden by admin

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I saw it, but your initial post was also flagged, like 5 minutes ago…

Ouch my head… twilight zone! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either/or : Bravo! Really nice picture! :nerd_face:

Nice! Your trimming pile is going to be loaded with kief!

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That’s extracting quality leaves right there!

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That trim will make some nice bubble hash.

Pour some sugar on me…that’s cool…pretty sure @kaptain3d can do a gif on this…:sunglasses::v:

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And a bit of sugar rush!



Respect bro…you are quick on the draw…:joy::sunglasses::v:

I have the forum open at work on a spare monitor… and when I can, i reply… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Personally I rate that as a privilege…:joy::sunglasses::v:

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So do I! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This plant amazes me with the crystals she is putting out. The thread was started 7/1. These are from today 7/12

It is kinda strange. Even the texture of the stems are different than the others. The fan leaf stems are very soft - curious Uploading: IMG_0024.JPG…
She is upper left compared to the others


She didn’t stretch much. Any way a couple of tags @Arrow @Hellraiser @Life1 @Cannabian @Audiofreak @Budz420 @Bow4Buck


Snowstorm happening…looking yummy…you took clones right…:sunglasses::v:

Looking really nice, great job!

Well done!!!

Brother those are looking fantastic. Cant even wait till I get mine looking close to that.:+1:

yes i did. no guarantees there. well into flower and my first attempt at a clone. Had only done autos before this.