I like to ask guerilla growing theme,

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hello! I like to ask guerilla growing theme, Northern Hungary ( i think Temperate/continental climates). Growing media: high qualiti soil. Many light Many air Many water Controll ph, ec And the boosters once a week… Im looking for that: Relative small plant, but highest yield( 3-400g) Easy growing (I lot of read the growing knowledge, but i’m first growers.) Is a simple feminised seed more difficult to success than an autofem? Which month is the most optimal to start date ? is important that it is ready by the end of September, because it is too cold in October. If the feminised seed difficult and high risk first time, which is best yield autofem seed? So… Which is best fem or autofem seed for me? If you have a good advice for me, I’m grateful. Regards: Ben

If you need them finished by October it might be best to go with autos this season. That way you know they’ll be finished.
The main thing is that you have no control over when the auto’s go into flowering, so if you stunt them or if they encounter a problem you don’t have any extra time for them to rebound before flowering which can and will lower yeild.
It’s best to germinate, and then transplant into their final pot. Instead of multiple transplant.
As far as yeild photo-period (regular fem) will be able to yeild more because you can extend your veg cycle.
Hope I’ve been helpful!
And the forum has a lot of information on autos and reg fems. Be sure to download the grow bible, and study the guides for important info.



You will need seeds a lot of seeds. Scatter them far and wide.