I like bananas, not in my buds though!

Growing a mango kush feminized seed from ILGM. This thing is a banana factory! Anyone had a similar experience with this strain?

I’ve been carefully removing any I find but it’s quite the task. Good news is she’s the only lady in this tent. Would you:

  1. Continue to pick any nanners out until harvest? (9th weeks since 12/12)

  2. Let her do her thing and grow out the banana farm?

Bananas have very little to do with strain and more to do with environmental conditions such as lighting or other stressors.

The last time I had a hermie I just let it grow out and made hash out of the flower.

She is a sensitive little lady then because I pamper her! She even got the mars hydro tsw 2000 light in her tent!

Poor Gold Leaf got a couple blurples in her tent and is doing much better. Fed same amount of nutes at same ph. Did a similar slight defoliation on both.

Wish I didn’t have so many other varieties of seeds to test out or I would give it another shot and tweak a couple things.

I have same issue. 8 wks flower and past few days they have taken over. Beyond the point of plucking now. Should I go ahead and harvest as soon as I get some clouding of trichomes? Crazy how fast the nanners have multiplied.

Then swap out the lights and put the better light in the better plant.

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Might want to give that light a good wash before introducing all that potential pollen to the other :tent: unplug it first lol

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I would but only have a week or so left, not worth the effort at this point.

Anyone ever use a ppfd reading app on an iPhone? Curious about how accurate they are. Maybe the good light is the problem!

This one works well for my android hellraiser said he couldn’t find the for i phone but that was a month ago . Maybe they made it available for iPhone by now. Any app is only going to be as hood as the light meter on the phone or tablet. I compared mine to an actual ppfd meter it was pretty close. This app has a dli component which helps me to make sure I’m in the range for 18 or 12 hrs light.plants seem pretty happy with it.

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Photone for IPhone, it’s actually the better software. Used to be called something close to covid so they changed their name.
Still not out for Android.

That’s the app I have. Was wondering if it was fairly accurate.

I have to turn that mars hydro down to about 50% @ 15” or so to get 900 ppfd. Visually it looks super dim.

Here’s what it should be reading.

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So the hash is full of pollen also? Curious as to ways to filter it out cause I am pretty allergic to pollen.