I know Whitefly, but what are these?

So…these are new to me.

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They look like fungal gnats. That’s quite an infestation.

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It’s usually caused by overwatering. Algae grows on the soil top and it attracts them. You can keep a fan on the soil to help drying out and limit their movements. Bti works, captain Jack’s dead bug works, mix water and peroxide 1-4 ratio will kill larvae in the soil, yellow sticky cards also help, I cover my soil in diatomaceous earth and water from the bottom to avoid them. The biggest thing I’ve found to be a problem is the larvae. They will eat your roots and block soil drainage.

Google “Winged aphid infestation”
The little white ones have legs and no wings. They are babies,
Most of the rest are adult and then a few have developed wings. Look upper right of pic.
There are tons of different aphid species.


Here is a pic of another winged aphid infest

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Those aren’t fungus gnats


I see that now that I see the babies. I couldn’t see them without zooming in. Good eyes @Skydiver @Spiney_norman


Thanks folks. After some searching I also came to the conclusion that they are aphids of some sort. I used an organic insecticide, pics attached. I am based in South Africa, so I don’t always have access to the same brand names the folks in US and Europe have.

Beside the insecticide, I’ve also planted Marigolds and Dill, to assist with attracting Ladybugs (of which I had quite a few in the greenhouse, but they all seem to be gone now) and to deter various pests.

These plants are about two weeks from harvest, so my thought was to simple flush them over the next two weeks, as intended, and then harvest.

Any additional advice/comments about this?

I’m not sure about using Pyrethrum insecticides on flowering plants, but spinosad based products are usually safe.

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I hate to hear it for you - I would recommend a neonic - I would usually not but based on your infestation I think that’s the only thing that will get it under control. Look for whatever you can get your hands on with immidicloprid in it. Again I would normally never do this but unless your gonna buy a ton of beneficials like lady bugs or Japanese beetles I doubt the other products will even dent the problem. We’ve never seen any results using pyrethrins or pyrethroids for aphids or white flies

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Take a look here

Natural and probably you have access to the natural soap where you live