I know I bought the wrong fertilizer and pH going up!

I know I bought the wrong fertilizer for veg, 7-9-5. I have supplemented with some blood meal 12-0-0. I am a first time grower, and have two plants. I seem to keep switching back and forth from one good plant and one bad plant. Today, I tested the PH of the bad plant. It was high. My tap water tests at 7.0, Is it normal for fertilizer to up PH? How do you balance PH and fertilizer?

The first bad plant I flushed, and added a little dissolved soil acidifier from my veg garden. Did the same for the current bad plant. I would love some simple/specific directions.

first of all let your water set out for 24 hrs before using (de-natured water) thing’s swill settle down then really dint’ concern your self with "PH’ because the soil acts like a buffer, nutrients are OK . so flush with de-natured water for 3-4 days

Thanks Steve2. I am learning as I grow. I was about to order some ph up/down and a test probe. I think now I will only water with nutes every third water or so, and use de-natured water in between. Maybe some foliage spray in between, Too much info on-line, and a lot of it contradicts the other. Also lots of very complicated and expensive info. This cannot be that difficult to grow!

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look into “PH” perfect nutrients - never have to check ph again