I just want to get some feedback😕

Can you guys tell me if these girls look ok for 3 weeks? Just some really dank bag seeds


They look great. Why the doubt?

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I dont understand why two of them are stunted like they are

That’s how indicas are. pics without the burble light show the plant best.

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For 3 weeks, none of them are stunted. Unless you’re growing clones, each strain you grow can show several phenotypes.

They do look a bit dark & super shiny. That could just be the blurple light, or you could be overfeeding nitrogen.

Theyre shiny because theyre wet just watered them that could account for them looking dark too as far as nutes whats the best ratio im a complete noob…lol

Always start light. Like 1/4 of manufacturors recommendation. And if they take it well. Up it a bit. And im with everyone else. Ur plants look great. Just different ‘children’.

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Yeah, pics without the blurple, because that ain’t water droplets I’m seeing on the leaves of the bottom left one.

What’s your watering schedule. They look a little droopy from over watering

Here are some pics today my watering schedule kinda varies i water everyday when i have time and just enough to darken the first few inches of soil they were probably droopy because i had just transplanted i was trying to wait till i got the cloth pots i ordered but i felt like they hit a halt on growing and they might be rootbound so the pots theyre in are temporary1532889200935453638340|375x500

And i would take pics without the blurple light but my setup is in my basement and the lighting is terrible without it😕

Are these ok in the pots theyre in or should i transplant soon?

What’s your light schedule?

I thought about 20/4 but right now 18/6 @Hogmaster

I personally would go with 16/8

Ill try 16/8

Well i had to move heres the girls in their temo home till i can get set back up

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They look great

Here they are today


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They look fabulous keep it up