I just used level 3 flowering and the booster from ilgm

Ok my super skunk and my og kush i just hit yesterday with ilgm plant food fertilizer u get the seedlings stage growing stage then flower but in week 6 and 7 u hit it with the booster 4 hours after i put it on it rains for 2 hours then i wake up this morning my super skunk is not reaching the fan leaves the 5 thats on it looks like they do at night not withered there all mostly not reaching u could say almost a claw and no colors at the end of the leaf but the leaf does feel a little brittle but all the lil flowers and all the lil leaves are looking good but this is day 1 i know i need to put my og in a 8 gallon pot my super skunk is in a 3 gallon was going to put it in a 4 gallon tonight but i dont know if i should with the super skunk i dont think i should transplant it if its sick but it has nothing to do with water i make sure the dirt is dry i feed once a week i give a small drink on Wednesday and feed and really water it on Saturday ill take a pic i thought mold would be my only problem i was wrong i never went thru this when i grew bag seeds just keep the males out and water and they would grow huge without any food but these genetic seeds are hard to grow does anyone need help on there garden ill do it as a job just to learn but im going to fiq out how to put a pic with this