I just started growing my first plant out doors

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I just started growing my first plant out doors- diesel’ which is a Sativa I believe. I have ordered some special fish emulsion fertillizer with the 5:1:1 ratio as directed and also a PH checker so I can see how the soil is. I have been watering pretty much every day and it is in full sun. Am attaching a picture of it to this email. I am hoping to harvest in next few months before it gets cold as I am really not prepared to bring this indoors. Any other reccs would be appreciated!
Thanks for your help

Diesel plants are a very heavy Indica hybrid. Fish emulsion 5-1-1 is available at walmart and every home depot type of store. It’s kind of late to start if you are in the North. Halfway down from Canada, you should be able to get a 3 maybe 4 months of growing done.

btw…no pic